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  • Google Certified
  • Content Writers
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  • Project Reporting
  • Advertising Reporting
  • Plan of Actions


  • Web Management Technology
  • CRM Implementation
  • Creative Suites and Equipment

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Successful Partnerships

Value though content marketing

Our Pricing and Reporting Visibility

We focus on creating a specific marketing plan for your business, this plan shouldn’t be an expense but should be viewed as an investment.

As a reliable marketing company we believe that your should be in control of your marketing and make sure that you have the right team to implement any process.

We only work with companies we believe it would be a good fit and long term relationship. We value those relationships above all, which allows us to be a natural extension to your company.

Do you understand how much your clients are worth? Do you know how much you should spend to find a new client? We can help you determine that and more.

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Grand Strategy Marketing

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
– George S. Patton

Video Marketing Explained
Target Audience
Who's your target audience? Why are they receiving this message? How are your measuring it? Whats your Goals?
Creating A Video Marketing Plan
TrueView allows you to target multiple demographics, Geo-Targeted Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow. Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow.
Manage Your Marketing
We leverage free and paid tools and give you recommendations on the types of reports that would be best for your goals.
Marketing Channels Strategies
Creating a marketing channel strategy, will allow us to help you repurpose our video content by slightly updating the message.
Video Marketing Distribution
After planning its time to send out our message and see how it performs on all channels: Facebook, Youtube, Email, Website...
Create Video Library
Its now time to select the types of videos we will need to make our plan a reality: Corporate video, Testimonials, and more.
Review, Revise, Repeat
Based on the results of the campaigns we will help you review, revise, and repeat the video marketing plan.
Details for Each Topic
Where are your people
  • B2B / B2C
  • Local / National
  • Men / Women
  • Lifestyle / Devices
Create a Plan
  • Overall Objectives
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Key Metrics to measure
  • How are you measure the results now
  • Create segmentations
  • Select Marketing Channels
Management Tools
  • Building Reports
  • CRM (Zoho)
  • Google Products
  • Vimeo
Video Marketing for all
  • Website/ Landing Pages
  • Social Media Video Marketing
  • SEO Video Marketing
  • Vlog Video Marketing
Publishing Your Message
  • Youtube / Adwords / TrueView Ads
  • Facebook Ads / Social Outlets
  • LinkedIn Publications
  • SEO / Websites
  • Local listings / TV Advertising
Types of Videos Create
  • Commercial Video Production
  • Product Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
Reviewing the Campaigns
  • Review the Likes/Shares
  • Review reports
  • Create new ideas based on results
  • Create new plan of action
Why you need video
Video Explanation
Define your clients
Everyone needs a plan
How we leverage Technology
Video Marketing by Channel
Video Marketing Distribution
We Create Your Video Content
Review. Revise. Remarketing