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Web Video Production with Zipinmedia

If you’re not investing in web video production, you are missing out on potentially the best possible way to share information. Zipinmedia has been creating videos for well over 10 years, creating web and marketing videos for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small, one-person businesses and organizations.

With great rates, fast service, and of course high-quality video, we encourage you to contact us today at 954-419-5719.

Who We Are – the Leading National Video Production Company

Zipinmedia is a video production company located in Miami, FL, serving both the local South Florida area and much of the rest of the United States. We’re a family-owned business with an amazing team of videographers, editors, and project managers that are here to move your video from idea to completion – and beyond.

We create both one-time video production and ongoing support. You’ll find that when you elect to work with us on your video project, you are our top priority. We operate our business as an extension of yours, learning more about your organization, culture, and more to make sure that every video we create is exactly as good or better than you would do in-house with your own video production team.

We know you have your choice in web video production companies, which is why every day we go out of our way to show you that you made the right decision. With competitive rates and affordable discounts for ongoing video customers, we’re here to create the video for your website, social media, brand presence, and so much more.

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Examples Web Video Production

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Web Video Production Use Cases

What is “Web Video”?

web video for search engines

As a full-service video production company, we’ve created probably every type of video imaginable, from 10-second micro-moments to multi-hour-long videos.

These days, more and more organizations contact us for videos that they plan to use exclusively online. Most of the time, the plan is to use the video on their website, but in theory, a web video can be shared on almost all different types of online media platforms.

  • Company Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Social Media Website
  • Video-Sharing Website (eg, YouTube)

The term “web video” can really refer to any video that is going to be shared online, which can be any type of video you can imagine. Yet once again, there are common requests for these types of videos, such as:

Shorter Length

Usually, web videos are no longer than 2 minutes, since online viewers often have a shorter attention span. Your video can be longer than two minutes, of course, but around that length is what most people are asking for when they contact us about this type of production.


Unlike a television commercial, viewers are not forced to watch a video if they do not want to. That means that it has to be more engaging, or at minimum give people a reason to want to watch it. This can be completed through strong scripting, animations or graphics, relevant information, and more depending on the type of video we’re creating.


There are so many videos online, that in order to stand out, you must have a video that’s high quality, professionally completed, and with all the added graphics, images, text, animations, or whatever else you need to prove to others the video has value.

Types of Web Videos We Produce

web video production services

Everything is shared online these days, which means that any video you want to create has the potential to be a great addition to any internet-related idea that you may have. You come to us with an idea or goal, and we’ll create it no matter what it is or where it will be used.

With that in mind, there are some videos that are very commonly found online and are frequently solely created to be internet content. Examples of these videos include:

Overall, there are no limitations to the types of web video that we can produce, and if you’re not sure how you want to move forward with the video, we are also more than happy to take the lead and create videos that are impactful with the viewer.

Web Video Production Videographers and Videography

video content for your websiteHow Do We Create Web Videos That Resonate?

It doesn’t take much to create a video. It takes a lot to create a video that makes an impact – a video that matters, and one that will generate the results that you hope for. That requires knowledge, equipment, planning, background, and so much more. That’s what you get with a video production team that has experience creating online videos for organizations across the country.

It is our role to help create a video that resonates, and we meet this goal by:

Learning More About Your Target Audience

Before creating a video that is going to be engaging to your audience, we first have to learn more about your audience. This includes who the customers are, where it will be hosted or seen, and in some cases what other marketing tactics you plan to use to help it with outreach (if applicable).

Determining How Your Audience Will Best Receive a Message

The more we know about your audience, the easier it is to determine what will be needed for them to understand the message. For example, information on a complex technical topic may benefit from animations. Videos to seniors may benefit from the voices of other seniors, and so on. There are many little considerations that are made based on both the needs of the video and your budget.

Planning Every Component

There are clear, recognizable differences between carefully planned videos and those that are thrown together. During our pre-production process, which we will outline later in this article, we make sure that every component is carefully planned so that your voice and your goals for the video are clear from the moment the video begins to the moment it ends.

Utilizing Technology

As great as some cell phones and retail cameras have become, they are still no match for professional video equipment, which is able to grab footage that is higher quality, better for editing, and provides more depth than other cameras can handle. In addition, we utilize high-end video editing tools, integrate any animations that are needed, and more, all to make sure that you’re getting video production that excels.

Benefits of Web Video and Web Video Production

There are different forms of content available that businesses can use to share a message or try to help a brand get recognition, such as writing or images. While both of those are still important, video has advantages that very few other types of media can manage, which is why there has been rapid implementation of video in almost every type of company, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and startups.

Video has many fascinating benefits

  • Memorable
  • Captures Attention
  • Minimal Work on the Viewer
  • Well Received and Captures Engagement
  • Easy to Understand and Rewatchable
  • Massively Customizable

Web Video Production Ideas for Your Business

social media video productionOur Online Video Production Process at Zipinmedia

You need a video to help you with your online goals. We are a video production company. Most of the time, when a business calls us for their video production needs, they do not have a video production team in-house and are looking for someone with expertise to help drive the process towards their goals.

We do this using a production process that is catered to transparency, collaboration, and of course – making sure that your final video is perfect from beginning to end. Our process includes the following:


Planning is such an important part of video production and the service that often sets us apart from our competition. The pre-production phase is where we essentially design what the video will be, starting on everything that is needed in order for the final product to be as successful as possible.

We pick a date for production day (or, if it is an event, we plan for the event date) and then we get to work determining all that needs to be done in order to make sure that the final video is exactly as you envisioned, with every part designed perfectly for your business and brand.

During the pre-production phase, we plan for what the video will entail, including, but not limited to:

  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Interview Questions
  • Translations
  • Subtitles
  • Green Screen
  • Crew
  • Equipment
  • Animation
  • Acquisition of Talent/Actors
  • Location of Shooting
  • Studio Rental
  • Make-Up Artists
  • Voice Overs, and More

This planning stage is what makes production go well, and so we map out all the details, complete any scheduling, and get to work on any components that are going to be needed to help create the ideal video.


On the day of production, all those pieces come together. If we’re shooting on location, we’ll be there on time with all of the equipment and setup we need. If we’re shooting in our studio or in a space we’ve rented, everything will be ready for the shoot to take place.

If we need to interview anyone, talk to any of your staff, or make any b-roll of your office, our videographers will make sure that everyone involved is as comfortable as possible and with as minimal interruption to your day-to-day life as we can.


Production yields potentially hours of footage, depending on what we are creating. The next step is to turn all of that footage into something that is ready to be seen. That is the post-production stage, where we comb through all of the footage that we’ve created in order to produce a final web video that matches your expectations.

Before we even begin, we will set you up with your own project management portal. You can use this portal to track our progress, see some of our edits, make approvals, and see your video idea come to life. After you’ve received access to the portal, we get to work on the post-production phase, where we complete your video in parts to make sure that it’s perfect when we’ve finished.

This process includes:

Rough Cut

We first start with a rough cut. We take all of the footage that we have collected, and we start placing them in the necessary order in order to tell your story. At this stage, we haven’t completed some of the color corrections, lighting corrections, audio additions, and some of the other finer points that we need for a video to be ready for viewing, but you’ll have an excellent grasp of what we’re trying to accomplish with your web video. We send it off for your approval and notes.

Fine Cut

Once we’ve received back your feedback, we then create the fine cut. During this stage, we’ll integrate all of your feedback and then start to add all the extras that make for a well-produced video. For example, here is where we’ll add the transitions, text, and graphics, and finish everything we need to make sure your message is clear. Once again, we’ll send it to the project management portal in order to receive your feedback and approval.

Final Cut

Now that we have a near-perfect video, we move forward and onto the final cut. As you expect, at this stage, all the color, lighting, and audio collections have been completed, all the edits have been made, and the final cut is ready to meet your goals.

This process helps us create a great web video with a fast turnaround that meets all of your requirements. We’re confident that the final product will help you meet your goals, and we’re always ready to create videos on an ongoing basis or wait until you’re ready for the next order.

…And Beyond

If a web video is posted online, and no one is around to see it, does it get any views?


So that is why we are available to go a step further. If you’d like, we can partner with your company to provide additional services to help get your video views and make the most of your new campaigns. It’s one way that we’re trying to be a different type of video production company – one that is here to be your partner in your success, not just some third party.

Get Started on Your Website Video Production – Contact Zipinmedia Today

Every organization has a message to share, and while there are many ways to get that message out there, there is no better way to make sure that you’re spreading awareness of who you are and what you offer than by creating a video. Video tells a story better than any other type of content, especially online, where attention spans are low and so much is competing for people’s attention.

When you need web video production, whether you’re in nearby Miami and Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere around the country, our team here at Zipinmedia is the best choice to meet your needs. Give us a call today at 954-419-5719 or fill out our online form, and one of our team members will respond to you as soon as we can. We’re excited to hear more about your video, and get started on your next production.

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Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

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Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

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Customer Packages are available for more than a single video. These are meant to be simple packages for small businesses that really just need there first video. We have more customized options if you reach out to us. Get a Quote

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Web Video Production FAQs

$1800.00 for a 45 sec video which includes a 2 hour production.
Yes we will help large and small companies develop there Branding, using video.
Yes, we have a wide verity of post production services which includes, graphics, Voice over, animation, motion graphics, and more...
Yes. We will provide the crew, equipment and editing all within our production house.
Typically we turnaround projects within 3- 4 weeks. If you have more urgent needs, we make exceptions just talk to use about the deadlines and we will work backwards from the due date to meet your timeline.