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Training Video Production

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Our Training Video Production Process – From Idea to Final Video

One of the ways that we’ve been able to become such a force in the training video production world is the way we’ve defined our process. Every step of our video production process is built around making sure we can create final products that exceed your expectations, and do so in a way that is so transparent that our clients know that they’re getting the best possible results.

Pre Production

We encourage every one of our clients – whether one-time or ongoing – to see us as though we are a part of their business rather than a third party. We make every effort to get to know you as a business, and we act as though we were an in-house provider.

Like any in-house provider, we consider it our role to take as much of the work off of your team as possible, integrating only the amount of involvement that you need or want to provide. You can come to us with nothing but a goal – or in the case of these training videos, the idea you want to train – and we can do the rest.

Once you’ve contacted us about what you’d like your video to be about, we get started with the planning process. Our team is available to handle everything:

  • Scripting
  • Animations
  • Graphic Choices
  • Storyboarding
  • Actor/Voice Actor Scheduling, and More

Some training requires a bit more involvement in order to make sure that all the information is accurate. In these cases, we’ll schedule the phone calls or meetings with your team, make all the necessary notes, learn any products of yours that we need to, and more, to make sure that the final video will have all the information it needs to accurately communicate with its desired target audience.


Planning is so important. But once everything is ready, it’s time for production day. This is when we start to put everything that we have planned together.

With so many different ways to make training videos, the actual production process varies considerably. Sometimes, we go out and get the footage we need, either by heading to you and recording your speakers, or placing the actors that we’ve hired in the correct location for us to record. Other times, we start getting the animations ready, begin screen recording, establish product video, and more.

Our videographers are talented and our pre-production organization helps this stage go smoothly. We have multiple cameras when needed to capture all angles and are always set up early to ensure that we have plenty of time to complete all of our footage.


The production stage is critical for getting all the footage we need, but it is the post-production stage where all of that work begins to turn into something that can be viewed by the public.

It is also here where we’ve established several processes to both improve the quality of the final video and make sure that you’re kept apprised and engaged throughout the process. We want you to feel connected to what we’re doing, be able to follow us along, and offer input as needed.

That is why we connect you with a login to your own personalized project management system. You can log in any time you want and see where we are in the post-production process, so you feel confident everything is moving forward. In addition, we will use your feedback during the different stages of post-production training video editing. These include:

  • Rough Cut – During the rough cut, we put together all of the different pieces to create a baseline story. At this stage, we have not yet completed color corrections, adding text, and other edits yet because we wait to make sure that all the information is present. We upload the video to the project management dashboard and await your feedback.
  • Fine Cut – After we have received your feedback, we start to put the finishing touches on it. We start adding text, fixing color balances, adding any animations or graphics, lining up sound or music, and otherwise piecing together the final design. Sometimes this stage is enough, and the final piece is ready to be shared. But once we’re completed, we send it to you for any last feedback and make sure that it meets your needs and expectations.
  • Final Cut – At this stage, all of the training video feedback is in, and we’re ready to share it with the world. We will then send it to you in your preferred file format or, if you prefer, we can start to upload it to any video hosting site that you use so that it is already in place and ready to go.

At this stage, the process is complete, we are able to give you the video and wait for the next training video you need. Typically, this is completed within only 3 to 4 weeks depending on the type of video.

However, many of our clients contact us to help them after the video is ready, for something we like to casually call “post-post-production.” This is where we monitor your video analytics, look for opportunities to boost your training video’s visibility, write your YouTube content, advertise your social media videos, and much more.

Because we are your partner in your video production needs, we are ready and able to make sure that the video that we create is getting seen the way it deserves to be seen.

Our process has been perfected over the course of a decade and that is why we are able to create videos on time and on budget, always delivering to the best possible standards available.

Examples Exciting On Time On Budget Custom Training Video Production

Examples Training Video Production

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Training Video Production Use Cases

Examples of Training Videos and Educational Content

Every training video production is unique because the information that it is sharing has never been shared before in the same way, for the same audience, and in the same style. The type of training video that we create to meet your vision may be different from the style of video created for others in your industry. But most training videos can fall under one of the following categories:

Training Video Production Videographers and Videography

Training Video Production in Florida with Zipinmedia

Video provides the best possible tool for processing information. It is visual, auditory, and engaging. It is something that can be replayed as often as needed, and something that comes without the distractions of a classroom. Video has a remarkable focus and retention rate, with the ability to be customized for a better learning experience.

Zipinmedia is South Florida’s leading training video production company. We create detailed, professional training videos across a range of industries, all specifically created for the goals of your company. With over 40,000 videos produced over the past 10+ years, Zipinmedia remains the premier choice for training videos in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and throughout the United States.

For any organization interested in learning more about our training video production services, please contact us today at 305-482-1285.

About Our Training Video Production at Zipinmedia

Zipinmedia produces and develops training videos for businesses across the country. Based in Miami, our training videos span a wide range of topics and are crafted to be engaging, direct, and capable of helping the viewer learn the topic at hand.

It’s a simple premise, but it’s one that often takes years of practice to enact. After over a decade and 40,000+ videos, Zipinmedia is able to produce a video that the viewer will be able to fully digest – a video that is to the point, clear, on-topic, and thorough.

We are a professional video production company. Founded in 2008, our team has developed videos for businesses that include both Fortune 500 companies and single owner/operator LLCs, and everything in between. It’s that experience that makes us such a popular choice for organizations of all sizes that are looking to outsource training video production.

But we approach each video we create as though we are a part of your business – as though we are your personal video department. We learn more about you, find out about your goals, and take that information to make sure that the video is an extension of your business and brand, giving you the end results that are exactly what you envisioned.

There are many different types of training videos. Many of them take live footage of employees, speakers, or teachers and turn them into professional cuts that provide the correct takeaways for those who watch the video in the future. But when you work with a video content company like Zipinmedia, we can also add important elements:

  • Animations and Graphics training videos
  • Whiteboarding
  • Customer relations videos
  • Educational videos
  • Product training videos
  • Text, Captioning, and Translations

As part of the production process, we can also schedule makeup artists, set up sets, provide voiceovers, and hire actors – anything needed to better showcase training or lessons. We handle all of it because we know that you want to focus on the tasks you have on hand and let experts in the video production field do what we do best.

We’re available to work with essentially any industry, creating any videos, from safety training videos to animated training videos, that help share all the right information. Some of the industries we work with include but are in no way limited to:

  • Finance
  • Non-Profits
  • Medical Services
  • Tech Companies
  • Hospitality
  • Legal Services
  • Schools and Universities
  • Government/Municipal Services, and Many Others

We work with many different types of videos, including videos for marketing, branding, commercial advertising, social media, and more. Training videos are unique in that they are about more than promotion – they’re about making sure that people understand potentially complex topics with ease and walk away having digested all of the information.

Training Video Production Ideas for Your Business

Get Started with Your Training Video Production: Contact Zipinmedia Video Productions

COVID-19 may have sped up the process, but the idea of using video as a way to train has been growing in popularity for years. It is a way to train with less manpower, more engaging than even some in-person speakers, less prone to error, and easier to hone the message.

From small, short, largely corporate training videos to entire lessons provided by an expert in the field, there are many different ways to approach training videos. But there is no denying that in order to get the best value – and the best results – it’s important to partner with a corporate training video production company with experience, great rates, and the ability to craft an engaging video that is meant to be seen.

That’s what you’ll find with our team here at Zipinmedia. We create training videos that reflect well on your organization and share the message(s) in a way that is easy to consume for the viewer and can be shared as much or as little as desired.

With over 10 years in the industry and well over 40,000 videos created, our video project team is always ready to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us at 305-482-1285 today at any time, whether you’re local to Miami or located anywhere else. We’ll be here to make sure that you get the best training video production, for competitive costs and great service.

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Training Video Production by Industries


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

Non Profit

Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

Training Video Production Costs, Pricing, and Packages

Customer Packages are available for more than a single video. These are meant to be simple packages for small businesses that really just need there first video. We have more customized options if you reach out to us. Get a Quote

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Training Video Production FAQs

$1800.00 for a 45 sec video which includes a 2 hour production.
Yes we will help large and small companies develop there Branding, using video.
Yes, we have a wide verity of post production services which includes, graphics, Voice over, animation, motion graphics, and more...
Yes. We will provide the crew, equipment and editing all within our production house.
Typically we turnaround projects within 3- 4 weeks. If you have more urgent needs, we make exceptions just talk to use about the deadlines and we will work backwards from the due date to meet your timeline.