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Big events need a good event video production company. Those moments have a value that extends well beyond the event itself. Zipinmedia provides event video production that revolves around services that turn any event into something more – something that is there to be remembered.

Let us help you craft vibrant videos with the creativity and technical skill that your business deserves. If you’re interested in learning more about our event video and videography services, or you have an event coming up that requires video production, give us a call today at 305-482-1285.

Zipinmedia for Event Video in Florida and Beyond

Zipinmedia is based in Miami, FL, a thriving city known for its small and large video events. As a full-service video production company, we know from experience that events are unique in their video needs.

Unlike other forms of production (which are often scripted, storyboarded, and executed in an organized way), events are raw. Each event has surprise “wow” moments, dynamic angles, and the potential to capture something more than just the event itself.

That is why it is so important to partner with a video production company – like Zipinmedia – that is prepared for what each event may bring.

Zipinmedia also has the ability to provide:

  • Live Interviews – We’re able to conduct live interviews and can book a side room if needed to pull presenters, guests, or attendees aside to talk to them unscripted about their experience at the event.
  • Graphics, Animation, and More – Because we work with all forms of video production, our team is available to complement any event video we create with animations, graphics, text overlays, music, and any other services that help craft the perfect final video.
  • Data and Analytics – When applicable, we can provide analytics for your video, including data on views, drop-off rate, and more depending on the type of video and where it is to be shown.

Every event is special. It is because these events are unique with each experience occurring live, that it is important to have videographers that are ready to respond to the moment.

The awareness of how to capture the best video at each event combined with the vision to imagine how they’ll look in a final production make our event video development services the best choice.

Zipinmedia has on-staff specialists that are available to travel for local events. We are available for travel and have set up a network of fully vetted videographers in other states and major cities in the event that travel expenses are not part of your current budget. If you need video production for your event, Zipinmedia is the first number to call.

Our Event Video Services – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, and Beyond

We do a lot of video production in-house. But events are special, in that they require a team that can be present at the event itself and aware of what is happening around them in order to capture the moments that deserve to be captured.

Zipinmedia has also adapted to provide newer and more exciting technologies to help you broadcast the events and your narrative to a bigger and more engaged audience. Our event services include, but may not be limited to, the following video types – and if at any point you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for more information.

Examples Exciting On Time On Budget Custom Event Video Production Company

Examples Event Video Production Company

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Event Video Production Company Use Cases

Live Streaming Event Video

The coronavirus pandemic has not only changed our view of events but also how we view technology. More and more businesses have realized that the technology to broadcast events to a wider audience isn’t so foreign anymore, and that live event streaming can help your event reach an even larger audience than ever before.

Zipinmedia is able to set up professional live streams for events throughout the United States. We are local to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, and so many events are within driving distance – including Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton. We are also available to travel, and only need about a day or less to set up and prepare for the event.

All of our live streaming is of high-definition quality, and can be placed anywhere that accepts video publishing:

  • Your Website
  • Facebook/Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Third-Party Services

We bring at least two cameras with us wherever we go. Our videographers are all trained and experienced with both live streams and event videography. We’ll coordinate with you at the event and use these multiple camera shots to ensure that the live stream is from multiple angles, and we can try to set a narrative depending on your goals for the event.

If you’d like additional video production after the event is over, we will also make sure to capture moments that can be successfully placed in other forms of video. Our live streaming service has become a popular choice for many of our clients, and we’re pleased to be able to offer it to businesses, non-profits, and municipalities that need it.

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Interviews and Man-On-The-Street Style Videos

Video production is about narrative. With corporate event video, the narrative is established not only by the event itself, but by the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and testimonials of those that are there.

These interviews, along with the “man on the street” feedback that has become so popular in live event video production, help anyone watching the final video feel like they were there and learn more about the event, your company, the presentations, or any other topic that is of interest for the viewer.

At Zipinmedia, we provide event interview services that include:

  • Speaker and Presenter Interviews
  • Staff Interviews
  • Attendee Interviews

Our interview clips can capture people on the spot for “man on the street” style videos, giving you the person a chance to share your thoughts naturally – without overthinking or coaching. Like with our other videos, we can also sit down with attendees in a private room when needed.

These videos also make great testimonials or may show a side to the event that gets those not in attendance to be more excited about the prospect of attending a future venue. From pre-production to post-production, we are well prepared to integrate into your events and create videos that are fine-tuned to perfection.

Who Uses Event Video Production?

Video footage is used across a range of different events. Zipinmedia has experience with all of these areas, so you can trust that the live stream or memories of your events are all in good hands:

  • Conferences
  • Convention Coverage
  • Meetings
  • Stage Events
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Exhibitions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Trade Shows
  • Business Parties
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Interviews – Man-On-The-Street and Off-Site
  • Event Activities
  • Team Building
  • Promotional Coverage

Events are held by my mom-and-pop stores, international Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofits, government offices, and of course trade show and exhibition organizations. Most businesses hold events.

That’s what our event video production services can do, and why so many businesses large and small put their trust in Zipinmedia. Contact us today to learn more.

Event Video Production Company Videographers and Videography

How to Use Event Video?

Every event also provides an opportunity. That is because every event is special – each one has different messages, different attendees, different experiences, and something that is worth sharing with others.

As a business that is holding an event – whether you are a trade show/convention organization that schedules events throughout the year or a corporation with its own event planned – your success is often dependent on the value that these events bring to your organization.

Our Event Video Production Process

Zipinmedia separates itself from other video production companies through its production process.


Pre-Production is where we stand out in particular. Most companies leave some of the planning up to the client. From the moment you decide to use our service, we can assist you with some of the many steps that go into event video pre-production:

  • Bringing all equipment and planning camera setup/game plan.
  • Creating a workstation for our team to use or renting out a separate space for interviews.
  • Setup the outputs for any live streaming and thoroughly test to ensure it is operational.
  • Develop narrative strategy and determine angles and audio.
  • Plan any animations or graphics that may be needed to complement the final product.

We assist with every part of pre-production, allowing you to sit back and let us handle the planning and setup work. We welcome your input if you’d like to provide it, but also are here to take that out of your hands and use our experience to prepare.

Live stream production

For live stream footage, we will have someone watching the stream at all times to make sure it is running smoothly and to provide feedback to our videographers. Though almost all live streams go off perfectly, we do have plans in place in the event that there is a malfunction of the internet or some other equipment – either on our end or ours.


Once the event is over, we start post-production right away. Our entire process is designed as transparently as possible. We set you up with your own personal portal, where we’ll fill you in on our progress, ask questions, let you ask us questions, and more.

The post-production page starts with our rough cut, where the standout clips are put together to form a narrative based on our prior conversations. Once we’ve received your feedback, we’ll finish cleaning and polishing the video, integrating appropriate graphics, providing color corrections, and more. As always, you’ll be informed every step of the way until the point where we’ve delivered you the final product.


For many of our clients, we also offer what we’re casually terming “post-post production.” Do you need help marketing your video? Do you need support for analytics or a way to integrate feedback? We have several tools and services available to help you make sure you’re getting the most from your video and to support you as you move forward with other media.

Few other companies provide the fast turnaround, transparency, and thorough service that you’ll find with Zipinmedia. Because we also offer creative support and advanced technical skill, we genuinely believe the final product will exceed your expectations.

Event Video Production Company Ideas for Your Business

Corporate Entertainment and Keynote Presentation Video Production

Whether it’s the keynote address, a speech on a topic of note, or the entertainment that the business has scheduled for the event, capturing that event both live and as a way to cut into final production.

We provide end-to-end support for the entire address. Our videos capture the passion of the speaker, the mood of the audience, and the vivid imagery of the site behind them. If you need graphics or complementary materials cut into the piece, we can place them in seamlessly and give the entire video a long-lasting professional appeal.

With crisp audio quality and live streaming options across a variety of media platforms, Zipinmedia’s experience in the craft will help create a final product that is worthy of long-term use.

Event Videographer Services

Zipinmedia partners with many conventions and trade show to deliver videography that establishes the feeling of the event and showcases its best features.

With multiple cameras and microphones that are able to pick up crisp audio even in crowded rooms, our videographers are able to record hours of video from every component of the event and piece together a final product that is ready for everyone to see. We capture:

  • The Floor Show – Our videographers are in with the rest of the crowd, filming events, people, presentations, exhibitions, or live entertainment. With multiple cameras filming in high definition, we’re able to obtain the best footage of the event, capable of being used in multiple types of videos.
  • The Crowd Shots – The crowd footage is where we show how moved or excited the audience was about the presentations, and how much they enjoyed the event. It is the opportunity to give those in attendance a chance to re-live their emotions, and it is a chance to show those not in attendance how successful the event was. For some events, we may also be able to integrate drone footage to provide a sky view of the event.
  • The On-The-Spot Interviews – In addition to their technical skill, our event videographers are selected because of their ability to capture engagement from anyone they speak with. Each one is personable and comes with a list of questions or guidance to get real responses that can be used across media. We can guide responses to speak positively of the event (praising the food, the presenters, and the ambiance) or we can let them speak their thoughts and crop the portions that look best for your needs.

Videography is both an art and a technical skill. At corporate events, conventions, and other busy venues, it also requires vision and planning. Zipinmedia handles all of the logistics and has hired and trained a team that is ready for each of these event types.

So, if you have an event and is looking for the best event video production company, call us Zipinmedia at 305-482-1285.

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Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

Non Profit

Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

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Customer Packages are available for more than a single video. These are meant to be simple packages for small businesses that really just need there first video. We have more customized options if you reach out to us. Get a Quote

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$1800.00 for a 45 sec video which includes a 2 hour production.
Yes we will help large and small companies develop there Branding, using video.
Yes, we have a wide verity of post production services which includes, graphics, Voice over, animation, motion graphics, and more...
Yes. We will provide the crew, equipment and editing all within our production house.
Typically we turnaround projects within 3- 4 weeks. If you have more urgent needs, we make exceptions just talk to use about the deadlines and we will work backwards from the due date to meet your timeline.