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Corporate Video Production

Professional Corporate Video Production Company Near Me

Video is here to stay. Zipinmedia is a corporate video production company that has produced and edited a wide range of video for organizations of all sizes – including local and national corporations that are hoping to improve their branding, marketing, and company engagement. 

Why is Corporate video production Important?

Every video we create is produced is of the highest quality, all with the individualized support that our team is known for. If you’re looking for B2B videography, live streaming, company profiles, CEO messaging, and much more, give us a call today at (305) 482-1285 to inquire about our services and costs, or to begin development of your video. 

Who We Are – Zipinmedia

Zipinmedia is a Miami video production company that combines an artist’s eye with advanced technical skill. For over 10 years, our team has produced video for Fortune 500 companies as well as small “mom and pop” businesses, with everything from small “micro-moments” to films featured both internally and to consumers. 

We’re creative, experienced, and results driven. We implement new and exciting technology that not only helps us internally, but also provides tools that our corporate clients appreciate to manage their analytics and stay informed throughout the process. As a company that has seen rapid growth over the past decade, we also have created essentially every form of video, giving us an opportunity to overcome road blocks and address concerns with ease. 

But many companies produce video. What we do differently is provide a transparent cost structure with a detailed, highly accessible production process that helps us guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the final result.

What is the business video production process?

  • Pre-Production – Zipinmedia is available to spearhead the entire process. We can provide you with storyboarding, scripting, questions for live interviews, and whatever else your organization needs to produce a video that matches the results you’re hoping to achieve. Everything from hiring actors and makeup artists (if applicable) to obtaining music licensing, we’ll be there to assist you every step in the way long before we create the video. 
  • Production – Once we’ve prepped everything we need, it’s time to make your video happen. We have the equipment, manpower, and strategy for many different types of videos, including videos shot on-site, live event video, and more. We use multiple cameras to capture different angles at nearly every event, and all of our equipment is tested well in advance to make sure that it is ready to produce outstanding quality content the moment we turn it on. 
  • Post-Production – The reason that our clients are satisfied with our work is the result of our post-production phase, where most of the hard work comes in to turn an idea into a final product. Our goal is always to meet or beat your deadlines, and to do that, we use a transparent project management system that you will have access to where we can coordinate feedback, collaborate and ultimately create a video that is exactly as you envisioned or better.

Starting with a rough cut all the way until the final product is delivered, we recognize that we play an important role in the growth and potential of your business, and our pre- to post- production process is designed with that in mind.

Corporate Video Production Agency

In addition, we’re available to help you post post-production. Are you hoping to increase views? Do you need marketing help to get your advertisement out there? We have analytics, marketing, and other tools at our disposal to both help you improve your view count and analyze your success. 

Examples Exciting On Time On Budget Custom Corporate Video Production Company

Examples Corporate Video Production Company

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Corporate Video Production Company Use Cases

Benefits of Corporate Video Services

Video is the most effective way to send a message. We live in a world of constant media consumption. The companies that are able to offer something more – something that reduces the burden on the viewer while also improving the ability to share a message – are the ones that are going to be more successful.

That’s what corporate video production does. It “shows” rather than “tells.” It gives the viewer a way to process the information in front of them that crafts a vivid, memorable story in their minds, without requiring that they are motivated to sit and process the information on their own. 

Corporate Training Video Production

But most companies – even larger ones – aren’t equipped to do this on their own. Effective video requires training, expertise, staffing, and vision. By outsourcing your video work to a corporate video production company, you are able to:

  • Develop More Effective Video – With cameras and equipment for higher definition video, a team of videographers that know how to capture the perfect shot, and experienced video editors whose only role is to produce a vibrant narrative with each recording, Zipinmedia is able to provide better overall video than most companies can provide in house. 

Corporate video production house

  • Reduce Completion Time – Companies need multiple full time staff in order to produce a video quickly from pre-production to launch. Without that production time and staff available, it can often take several months for those on the project to develop the perfect video, and rushing through it, may lead to editing or narrative mistakes. 
  • Streamline the Process – Though we offer one-time video production services, many of our corporate clients are on monthly contracts. With these contracts, it becomes possible to better streamline the entire corporate video process, making it possible to produce frequent, high-quality videos, all by professional videographers and editors.

Corporate Video Production Services

These are only a few of the many benefits of hiring and working with a professional video production company that specializes with corporate clients. At Zipinmedia, we provide you with these benefits all while working with an open, technically skilled, experienced team that is ready to deliver you a video that you’re proud to use to represent your business.

Corporate Video Production Company Videographers and Videography

How Different Industries Use Corporate Video

One of the advantages of being a full service, experienced video production company is that we’ve had the privilege to work with essentially every industry, every service, and nearly every product type.

We work with eCommerce companies, non-profit organizations, home services, medical and dental – our experience has expanded our way of thinking about video, and opened up doors for more unique production ideas.

In the past, we have been contacted by dozens of different industries, with examples that include (but are not limited to):

  • Marketing firms looking for video production partnerships,
  • Startups showcasing their technology for crowdfunding campaigns,
  • Manufacturers of both commercial and consumer products,
  • Convention organizers looking for event videography,
  • National banks in need of CEO messaging,
  • Financial firms creating educational videos for their customers,
  • Real estate management companies recruiting new talent for their team,
  • and more.

These are only some of the examples of the ways that modern businesses are utilizing video production. If you need any additional samples of our work or ideas for your own videos, please feel free and contact us at any time.

The following are some examples of video that we’ve created for three different industries, including a story about how each one went from an idea to a final product:

Corporate Video Production Company Ideas for Your Business

Video Production Services for Businesses

The moment you choose to work with Zipinmedia, you’re connecting with a team who acts as a partner in your success – an extension of your business, allowing you access to a trained and experienced department of video production experts.

This makes it possible for us to create essentially any video that your team can imagine, assisting you with crafting professional clips, films, and more to help your business grow. Our corporate video production services include the following.

Corporate Video Production Company Reviews

Corporate Video Production Company by Industries


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

Non Profit

Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.


Videographers ready to help you capture your companies best moments.

Corporate Video Production Company Costs, Pricing, and Packages

Customer Packages are available for more than a single video. These are meant to be simple packages for small businesses that really just need there first video. We have more customized options if you reach out to us. Get a Quote

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Corporate Video Production Company FAQs

$1800.00 for a 45 sec video which includes a 2 hour production.
Yes we will help large and small companies develop there Branding, using video.
Yes, we have a wide verity of post production services which includes, graphics, Voice over, animation, motion graphics, and more...
Yes. We will provide the crew, equipment and editing all within our production house.
Typically we turnaround projects within 3- 4 weeks. If you have more urgent needs, we make exceptions just talk to use about the deadlines and we will work backwards from the due date to meet your timeline.