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Video Production with Zipinmedia – Florida’s Local Video Production Service

Zipinmedia is a full service video production company, based in Miami and serving clients throughout Florida, the United States, and the World. We established our video production services over 10 years ago, and have since grown to be one of the largest and most trusted video developers for any setting, adding new features and capabilities and staying up to date on the newest and most exciting techniques.

For every organization looking for the highest quality video production at competitive prices, we encourage you to review our portfolio, fill out our online form, or call us at (305) 482-1285. We would love to discuss your specific project goals and describe our process in further detail.

Video Production Process – Why We’re the Leading Corporate Videographer

Video production requires technical talent, artistic vision, and organized/efficient development schedule so that your video is properly handled from beginning to end. We founded Zipinmedia with the intention of creation a video development company that you could trust with your project throughout the entire pipeline, eliminating the need for in-house production staff or managing multiple third parties.

We’re with you from beginning to end, providing:

  • Pre-Production 

From the very beginning, we are available to assist you with the pre-production process. Some companies have a script they want us to use, or have envisioned a storyline. But for most, we provide the help you need. 

This includes services like scripting, where we write the entire script with our in house writers and production team. We may also provide storyboarding, or – in the case of services that require live interviews or unscripted recordings – we can develop the questions or plan that will drive the best possible content.

Because we handle all of the tasks with pre-production, that means that we can also schedule for you any third parties (most of which we already provide in-house) that are needed for proper production. For example, we can hire actors and schedule makeup and hair support – all while you sit back and focus on your own professional tasks.

We’re the experienced video production crew. We know that most business do not have the time, resources, or training to plan video on their own, so we make every effort to ensure that our own solutions match the needs of your final product.

  • Production

“This is where the magic happens” is something that maybe once said in Hollywood several decades ago. But whether in studio or on location, it’s true. We have the schedule. We have the shot list. We have the script or questions. Our video production team is always, 100%, ready to create.

For video shot on-site, we handle every component of the production process. Everything from the actors to the green screen to the sound is prepared and tested well in advance so that we can ensure efficient, high quality shots from the beginning. Our efficiency is part of our promise, because we know that the more organized we are, the faster the final product can be returned to you. 

For live events, we make sure to have all the cameras and related equipment set up before the event has begun, with each piece thoroughly tested. We have a schedule and shot list on hand to identify where we need to be at all times, and in most cases, have multiple cameras running to capture moments that complement the piece and may have otherwise been missed.

If you, your staff, or any other non-actor is involved, we also recognize that this can be an intimidating experience. We shoot video projects both large and small and have worked with a broad range of personalities and experience. We’ll take a moment to address your concerns well in advance:

  • We will walk the individuals through the process.
  • We can provide mock questions or practice time.
  • We are happy to allow breaks, provide help, and more.

Your comfort is important, not only for the shoot but also for your satisfaction. Our video production is meant to be a stress-free experience; both as a client and, if needed, as the subject.

All video is shot in high-definition with high-quality uncompressed audio throughout the process. This ensures whatever we shoot looks great from a mobile screen to the big screen. 4K, 8K and other specialty formats are available on request.

  • Post Production

Post-production is where we really shine. We take roughly 3 to 4 weeks to deliver you a final video. Most other companies take far longer, but even at three weeks, we recognize that that can feel like a lot of time to sit and wonder if your project is being completed.

It’s why we developed and operate a publicly accessible project management system for our clients. Zipinmedia will provide you with a login that you can use to follow along with our progress. We will also use this system to ask you questions, or get feedback on the project as we move forward. You’ll be able to track the status of your project throughout the way.

Our post-production process is also extensive. That’s because the goal is to provide you with a final product that exceeds expectations. But we also know that the process is on us, not you. You hire us to deliver a final video that is perfect from beginning to end, which is why we:

– Never charge you for revisions within scope.

– Never surprise you with unexpected costs or delays.

– Never deliver a final product that is ever less than promised.

Post production is when we begin editing all of the footage and putting the files together for feedback. We utilize a three step process to finalize video for all of our clients, and we’ve had success at delivering the finished product on time using this process.

It starts with a rough cut. As the name implies, the rough cut is not a finely edited piece. Rather, it is the best moments we’ve found for your story, placed together so that you can get an idea of the way the video will be crafted. At this stage, only the clips have been edited, and graphic and color enhancements are placed on hold. You’ll occasionally find places with filler text other finished areas. This is normal, since our goal with the rough cut is to simply make sure that the clips we’ve selected and the vision we’ve planned is in line with the way you imagined the final piece.

We want to get this to you quickly, because the sooner we have established a vision the better we can produce a final piece that is in line with your expectations. It may have some abrupt transitions, unfortunate sound, conveniently chosen graphics or text, and maybe even a missing clip or two. But what we want to know is that you’ve seen where we can take it. You’ll be able to ask questions along the way and provide feedback throughout. 

Once we get approval and feedback, we move on to the fine cut. At this stage, we’ve put together the foundation of the video in its entirety. Rest assured, you will still be able to provide plenty of feedback if needed. But here, the transitions are in place, the graphics and text are as discussed, and the story is put together. 

Finally, after we get your approval and feedback, we move on to the final cut. At this stage, we’ve created a clean, perfect video that addresses all the major needs of the piece:

  • Color has been enhanced and corrected.
  • Audio has been balanced and cleaned.
  • The story and emotions of the piece are apparent.

Here, the video is ready to be sent to you in your preferred file format, and delivered on time so that you can start using it for your advertising, training, product showcase, and other video production needs. 

  • …And Beyond

Finally, though it’s not an “official” step in the video production process, we can go a step further and offer you what we’ll casually term as post-post production. From experience, we know that there is more to creating a video than simply creating the video. Once the video has been perfected, people need to see it.

Video Production Examples

Video Marketing Experts

It’s why we are also available to help you with the design and execution of your own video marketing plan. We’ll figure out your target audience, develop the marketing plan, and make sure the video is not only used but SEEN, since the goal of any video is the tools at your disposal to ensure that the final design receives the views for which it was created.

With access to multiple marketing channels and both free and paid strategies to get your video out there, Zipinmedia can make sure that your final video is receiving the attention that it deserves. 

The Advantage of Video Production with Zipinmedia

Part of the advantage of partnering with Zipinmedia is that we include almost all of your video production needs under one umbrella price. When we started as a local Miami company, one of the ways that we set ourselves apart is by treating the entire video development process as a single entity, where each service is considered a structurally critical part of creation of the final piece. 

Types of Services We Offer Here at Zipinmedia

As specialists in the field of video development and over 10 years crafting the highest quality digital products for our clients, we provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of your business or organization. We consider ourselves full-service, which mean that if there is a video you need, we can help you create it no matter what it may be.

The following are some of the types of video production we provide our customers, both locally, in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, and nationally/internationally. Please feel free and review the difference services below. Since we are able to provide essentially any type of video you need created, you’re also welcome to call us at (305) 482-1285 so that we can discuss your project.

As a result, most of our video production services include any and all of the following services and support:

  • Storyboarding
  • Post Production
  • Editing
  • Pre-Production
  • Translations
  • Subtitles
  • Green Screen
  • Crew
  • Equipment
  • Animation
  • Acquisition of Talent/Actors
  • Location Shooting
  • Studio Shooting
  • Make-Up Artists
  • Mobile Studio
  • Voice Overs, and More

When you’ve hired us for a role, we address the needs of the production from the beginning, and include all of it into one final quote that covers each and every possible service necessary to craft the video that best suits your needs. 

While there may occasionally be some new costs as a result of changes in scope, we believe in transparency and will continually keep you updated on what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, when, why, and more. Nothing is a secret with our video production process, allowing you to sit back and wait while we produce something that best matches your vision.   

It is this process and approach that has allowed us to grow outside of Miami, spreading first to other areas of Florida like Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, and eventually to become the leading choice in video production for Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and eventually embracing national and international clientele. 

While we still work local, our role is to assist you with your project no matter where you are located, providing the same quality process along the way. 

Learn more about our video production process by visiting our process page, here.

Corporate Video Production

We offer both one time services and discounted monthly contracts to our corporate customers, looking to create videos that best represent their business. As your partners in videography and development, the choice of what to create is based on your unique situation. For example, we frequently provide the following to our corporate customers:

  • Behind the Scenes Videos
    • Customers learn from professional, sometimes humanizing video, which shows them how the company operates, how people interact, and the personality behind the product. These behind the scenes videos make your company feel real, and our team can capture you in the best possible form. 
  • CEO Messaging Videos
    • Executive messaging provides leaders with a way to clearly share a message in a medium that is direct, professional, and unintimidating. Shot in crisp video with any appropriate additional enhancements added for emphasis, our CEO messaging videos are of the utmost quality to represent your ideas effectively. 
  • Team Building Videos
    • Our video production company can help develop team building videos that can be shared with employees or used to improve awareness of company culture. Using professional actors or in-house staff, our production team can help make these videos engaging and professional so they are useful across your organization. 
  • Promotional Coverage
    • Corporate video production can be effectively used to promote products, services, or the company itself. They are effective PR videos, sharing the benefits of the company and spreading information about your corporate culture and growth. 
  • Social Impact Videos
    • We can showcase a company’s charitable efforts, help them promote a nonprofit partner see: and
  • Corporate Event Videography
    • Companies that want to record and craft memories and promotional content from their events and business parties can do so effectively with our videography services. We will record the entire event from multiple angles and provide a final cut that captures the mood and energy of the event in a way that is fit for public consumption. 
  • Company Profile Videos
    • Used in advertising, onboarding, and website content, company profile videos provide a more impactful way to brand a corporation. They become both introductions to a business and a way to showcase the company in a positive way.
  • Corporate Film Production
    • Many businesses have opted to create their own films for both internal and external use. Our team can assist with film production, developing entire storylines or working with your own ideas for documentaries, trainings, company stories, or anything else your corporation may be interested in creating. 
  • Holiday Videos
    • Holiday videos are morale boosters that can be both customer focused or employee focused. Because we can offer fast turnaround in fewer than 3 to 4 weeks for most videos, it allows us to create holiday videos that are ready for sharing. 
  • Micro Moments
    • Micro moments marketing is becoming a popular way to address the busy lives and short attention spans of the modern consumer. By utilizing short but impactful micro moment video development, it becomes possible to use that short attention to your advantage for branding, sales, and answering customer questions. 
  • FAQ Videos
    • Showing is always better than telling. When customers or employees have challenges with your product or service, how to video production makes it possible to answer that question in an effective and engaging way.
  • Training Videos
    • Both internal training and client facing software demos, we can create training video content that is ready for public consumption. 

Corporate video is a practical choice for any size organization, offering better conversion, better branding, and better results. 

Learn more about our corporate video production by visiting our corporate service page, here.

Event Video Production

In Miami, where we were founded, there are events on an almost daily basis. There are red carpet events, concerts, product launches, corporate events, and many others. Many of these events are not private, and are meant to be viewed by a larger audience. Places like Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville – these cities all hold hundreds of events each and every year. 

Some events are meant to be seen in their entirety. Others are a bit too long or unscripted, but the message of the event needs to be shared. Whether it’s a conference, a trade show, a company anniversary/grand opening, a product unveiling, or something more. 

We are pleased to be able to offer state of the art video production for all sorts of events, with our team traveling to your location to assist with recording and promotion. Our event video services include:

  • Live Streaming Event Videos – One of the newest and most exciting editions to our repertoire is our ability to provide professional live streaming services. As live streaming becomes more prominent (and, as with the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially more important), our multi-camera setup with high definition streaming allow a larger audience to view your events than ever before. 
  • “Man on the Street” Style Interviews – Guest reactions provide context and support for the success of your event. By interviewing attendees and speakers at the event while it’s happening, we can slice the best quotes to create a preferred narrative, or create clips to use as commercials for future events and venues.
  • Keynote Presentation Videos – Using multiple cameras with crystal clear audio and video, we film the presenter from multiple angles and cut together lower thirds and their slide deck, like a mini TED Talk.
  • Professional Interviews and Testimonials – Sometimes, the best way to get a professional interview is to utilize a side room at an event and set up a professional set to take professional interviews. We take people aside when they have a free moment, interview them against an attractivebackground, and can use those clips to intersperse other video or receive much needed footage that is otherwise harder to obtain from busy attendees. 
  • Event Videography – Finally, sometimes what events need most is someone to simply film. Every event has a story to tell. Videography by trained a trained and professional production crew has the ability to craft a narrative from the event that is engaging, emotional, powerful, and memorable. 

Events are meant to be remembered. That’s because no two events are the same. Each one has a purpose, and with that purpose is an opportunity to craft a video – or videos – that can be used by organizations hoping to expand their reach, along with the engagement they receive as a result of each event. 

As Florida’s leading event video production company, our experience makes it possible to craft a story from any type of event, or successfully broadcast that event to a wider audience. 

Learn more about our qualifications and capabilities for your events by visiting our event production page, here.

Conference Video Production

Conferences and trade shows bring people together to bond and explore specific topics of interest. But these events are not meant to be 

  • Convention Coverage – Ongoing convention coverage can allow others to see how the event is proceeding and potentially increase excitement for future shows. 
  • Meetings Coverage – Many conferences bring groups of people together that are tasked with coming up with solutions to complex issues. Coverage of those meetings can be recorded and promoted during or after the event. 
  • Trade Show Videos – Trade show filming allows others to see the activity, presenters, and unveilings that interest a wider audience. These videos can be live streamed or used as promotional tools to assist with future trade shows and keep attendees engaged. 
  • Live Streaming – Live streaming makes it possible for anyone to be in attendance, with or without a ticket. Some conferences also use streaming to attract media attention. 
  • Exhibitions – While some trade shows and conventions have an exclusivity to them that is part of the event’s brand, other exhibitions are, by definition, meant to be exhibited. Video embraces the experience of the exhibition, allowing others to feel the same excitement and emotion. 
  • Stage Events – At many conferences, the musicians, actors, and exhibitors are creating magic on stage. Conference organizers benefit from recording and transmitting that magic.
  • Speakers – Every speech deserves to be captured, because at any moment you may hear something powerful, meaningful, or hilarious. The speakers at your events were chosen for a reason, and the ability to create video from their works has many advantages. 
  • Panel Discussions, and More – Themed or niche events bring in fascinating people, including celebrities and experts in the fields. Capturing those moments provides content for social media, television, website marketing, and beyond. 

Conferences bring people together. Video brings conferences to people. For marketing, promotion, engagement, or memories, conference video production with Zipinmedia can help you solidify the quality content that you already created.  

Learn more about these and more video production services for conferences by visiting our conference video page, here.

Product Video Production

Video has become a critical tool for product sales and promotion. It’s not enough to expect customers to trust in your product. Now, more than ever, it has become critical for every entrepreneur and retailer to show each product in its entirety through the use of engaging sales video. 

Zipinmedia’s experience with product video production is why many companies have partnered with us in the long term. After a product is created, or when it’s time to feature a new product, we create sharp and detailed promotional videos that genuinely sell a product, showcasing its quality and capabilities and complementing them with useful information for consumers.

Some of the videos that we create include:

  • Product Feature Videos – Retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and other product makers often have specific products that they feature on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once these products are selected, it becomes important to help them shine. Feature videos make for fantastic ways to sell consumers on a key product.
  • Promotional Video Production – Similarly, selling a product to a wider audience requires promoting the best features of a product and generating excitement about its design and function. That requires promotion. With access to actors, scripting, and light boxes, we can craft promotional video that touches on the needs of the potential buyer. 
  • Amazon Video Production – Amazon is a useful tool for marketing products. But with so many products available, video features are how many users determine which products are best for their needs. Our Amazon video development features only the best selling points of the product for a fast video that makes an immediate impact. 
  • Other eCommerce Video Production – Amazon is not the only online retailer. If you sell your product on your own website, or market it on other competing eCommerce websites, we can craft video that is designed with that specific audience in mind.

With the right video production and editing, each product can become ever more enticing. It is our role as a video production company to create the videos and clips that best suit the product’s needs.

We provide these videos for companies throughout the United States and abroad. 

Learn more about our product showcasing process and see some sample videos for yourself by visiting our product video production page, here.

Training Video Production

Video makes it easier to train both employee and customers. Some organizations, including many schools and colleges, are pivoting to video in an effort to provide classes and education that isn’t dependent on a live person. Others create walkthroughs and other tools to assist people with tasks of varying levels of complexity.

We can shoot video either on site or offsite, with more than one camera operator available to provide different angles for the shots, as well as supplementary taping such as student interviews or complementary animation. Many of the training videos we’ve created fall under the following categories:

  • Employee Training Videos
  • Corporate Training Video Production
  • Create Training Videos
  • Internal Communication Video Production 
  • Customer Service Training Videos 
  • Instructional Training Videos – 
  • IT Training Videos 

We are also able to provide live streaming, which can help organizations that are delivering trainings that they want others to be able to access either live or pre-recorded. 

Learn more about the different types of training videos we can create by visiting our training video production page, here.

Video Marketing 

Video creates memories. Within seconds of viewing a video, our brain has already processed and stored more information than any other form of media. Through the use of video marketing, it’s possible to brand, promote, capture, or fascinate potential viewers. 

Both Google Adwords and Facebook support video advertising, as due several third party advertising companies like Outbrain. Video can also be used to create a narrative for PR, or even help generate interest in new open positions within the company. All forms of video development have the potential to create impactful marketing that can be used indefinitely to capture viewers to your organization. 

Learn more about the different types of marketing videos we can create by visiting our video marketing page, here.

Animated Video Production 

Animation can take us places that the real world cannot even imagine. Animation provides memorable, captivating imagery that is rich in color, style, movement, and personality. It is also typically one of the most appealing forms of marketing, because addresses some of the challenges of real action video and provides a more welcoming approach to simplifying complex issues without losing the viewer.

Our animation team is both creative and technically skilled. We are able to storyboard animation that will engross the viewer, allowing them to fully absorb the information you’re sharing with them. 

Learn more about our animation process by visiting our animated video production page, here.

Web Video Production

The internet has become a content rich world. Every business has a website, a blog, and pages upon pages of information about their service. Companies are tasked with finding ways to stand out when the average consumer is bombarded with more information than they can handle, and less and less time to consume it.

Web video transforms on-site content. It complements the words on a page by converting it into more digestible chunks – all in a form of media that is easier to focus on and less user intensive. Our team develops video that is made specifically for use on the web, providing a service that can:

  • Convert a page into a script that is easier for the user to manage.
  • Accompany how-to videos or product/service videos to help the consumer.
  • Provide visualization that is more engaging to the viewer.

Our internet video production service has helped many companies with their onsite and offsite content development. The data has shown that websites that utilize video have a higher time on page, lower bounce rate, and better branding than those that rely on text and images alone. With Zipinmedia, we can create the online videos that will capture and keep your audience. 

Learn more about the different types of web video by visiting our web video development page, here.

Commercial Video Production

Zipinmedia provides some of the most affordable, effective commercial advertising available today. We are able to craft both television and website commercial videos that quickly grab the viewer, so that you’re getting the best possible ROI.

You’ve likely seen some of our commercials that we’ve created for clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and beyond. We also create digital advertisements, including commercials that fit seamlessly into websites like YouTube and Hulu. 

We started Zipinmedia during a time when fledgling streaming video sites were only starting to gain traction, and Facebook had only recently opened itself up to the public. As these companies grew, so too did the need to adapt advertising to be even more creative, as the attention span of the average viewer shortened. 

We employ the latest techniques to our commercials, including those that provide faster branding (micro-commercials) with effective branding within seconds. We can also assist you with longer projects, such as infomercial. You share your goals, we’ll create video content that offers the best possible return. 

Learn more about how we make commercials by visiting our commercial video production page, here.

Social Media Video Production

It wasn’t long ago that social media became far more visual. First it was the ability to upload photos, but that was quickly replaced by video, which has been proven to offer a farther reach with those both young and old. We are available to offer you custom video development for any social media site or app, including:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn, and More

Some social media sites, like YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok are entirely video dependent. Others allow for a mix of content, yet more and more corporations have pivoted to video, because it offers a higher success rate and a greater potential for sharing. 

As a brand on social media, the ability to go viral and offer users something worth following is dependent on producing the best possible video no matter the medium you plan to use to share it. 

Learn more about the ways we can partner with you on your social media projects by visiting our social media video production page, here.

Testimonial Video Production

Text-based testimonials have become stale. Without a face to put the positive words into some type of context (and because many companies simply make up their testimonials for marketing purposes), the average consumer tunes them out. 

Video testimonials, on the other hand, put a face to the praise. It makes the testimonial real, adding to its trust by verifying that it was stated by a real person. The language they use, their facial expressions, and more all help to make customer testimonial videos a more effective way to enrich your website or complement a promotional/advertising video.

As a video testimonial service, we can record interviews and tape testimonials at our studio, or head local to your location, and create short testimonial videos, longer informercial-style testimonials, or another custom style depending on its usage. Our team have experience in both broadcast and documentary film and can craft a compelling story to get across your product points.

Learn more about how we coordinate testimonial production, or watch samples of these testimonials by visiting our testimonial video production page, here.


Production itself is nothing without the artistic talent that comes from professional videography. This is often where we are best able to showcase our talents. We partner with businesses and individuals to create videos that are in support of their vision, but may require the touch that only experienced videography companies have. It’s why we are able to create products that include:

  • Brand and Explainer Video Production
  • Creative Video Production 
  • Sizzle Videos (Sizzle Reels)
  • Infographic Video Production 
  • VLOG Video Production
  • Lifestyle Video Production

These are examples of areas where artistic vision matters as much as technical talent. While we employ some of the best video editors in Florida, our videography team is there to envision all the places the final piece can go, offering more to the customer to help their piece receive the reaction that they were hoping to achieve. 

Learn more about our videographers and services by visiting our videography page, here.

Industries We Support – Including Yours!

With over 10 years of video development experience, it would be a significant task to list every industry that we’ve partnered with. Because we have developed an efficient system and a fantastic technical and creative team, Zipinmedia has the tools to contribute the highest quality video no matter the industry. 

The following are some of our areas of expertise. But if you do not see your industry listed, we still encourage you to contact us. We likely have some high quality samples of exactly what you need, and can prove to you that we are the best choice for your video creation.

  • Medical Video Production 
  • Financial Services Video Production
  • Factory/ Industrial Video Production
  • Video Production Education
  • Legal Video Production
  • Marketing Video Production
  • Real Estate Video Production
  • Non Profit Video Production
  • Hotel Video Production

Of course, these are only some of the more common industries that contact us for video production. We also work with tech companies, religious institutions, municipalities, restaurants – our role is to produce video that is impactful, of the highest quality, and delivered on time and on budget. No matter what industry you work with, our production process and experience is ready to assist you. 

Learn more about the industries we work with by visiting our industries page, here.

Sample Client List

Over the past 10 years, we have partnered with over 100 companies, ranging from sole proprietorships to large multinational corporations. We believe that no project is too large or too small, because we know that video is how small companies grow and large companies stay proactive in these ever changing visual marketplaces. 

The following are a small sample of the organizations that we have worked with in the past. 

Our local clients include:

  • Jewish Community Services of South Florida
  • Chapman Partnership
  • City National Bank

Our international clients include:

  • Kaufman Rossin
  • Daimer Industries 
  • Quantum Storage

We are more than happy to provide information on how we worked with these different agencies, and we’d love to add you to our client list in the future.

Let’s Begin Video Development – Contact Zipinmedia Today

Video isn’t only growing in popularity – it is thriving. 

But few companies are able to stay up to date with the video production needs of today without a partner, and that’s where Zipinmedia comes in. We offer affordable rates, transparent service, but above all else – the best final products that the region has to offer.

It’s time to call Zipinmedia and learn more about why we’re the best choice for video production in Florida (and beyond), or to request specific samples and more information about our services. Call us at (305) 482-1285 or fill out our online form and our customer service team will respond soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Our Video Production FAQ

We use a three step video production process - pre-production, production, and post-production. The goal is to reduce the time to completion, so that your video can be online and viewed within weeks, rather than months. The customer will have the most involvement in the post-production phase, where we will request edits and thoughts to perfect the final piece.  

The standard format for most online and broadcast is H.264 .MP4 files which we provide for our clients in several sizes, full quality to upload to their video platform of choice, as well as smaller files for presentations and self hosting videos on their website.

We work with all video formats and can provide high quality files to your professional specifications.

Yes! We provide a full license to our clients to use the raw footage we shoot for their project for any purpose. This is included in our licensing fees and contract. We won’t hold your footage hostage and are happy to transfer the footage at the end of a project to a hard drive the client provides. 

We accept suggestions, requests, and customization according to the purpose of your video. But if you'd like to be more hands off, you can trust that in our 10+ years of operations, we have the capabilities necessary to deliver final products that exceed expectations. 

Production price varies depending on the length of the video, the type of video, and how much travel is involved. With that in mind, our value is some of the highest in the industry, starting at $1200 and moving up gradually depending on the needs of the piece. We encourage you to contact us, as we are able to provide you with both a free quote and more information about how our prices and services operate.

We can. Because we're based in Miami, most local Florida videos require no or minimal additional investment for filming. But for out of state clients, travel expenses may need to be provided for. We will talk to you about this on our call. If travel budget is an issue, we often work with out of state production crews and manage the filming process remotely where budget is a concern. They shoot the video and we edit the final piece. It’s often something we do locally for other production companies.

We can request permission to use music from almost any record label, but we cannot guarantee a response. Some recording companies do not respond right away to licensing requests. Others do. We encourage you to call us to talk about the different options.

Typically our process is takes 3-4 weeks from production date. Now in some cases we can complete them quicker than this timeline. Each project is different. 

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