Video Marketing for eCommerce: Does It Help Your Online Business?

Have you ever wondered about the point of video marketing for eCommerce? Is it really beneficial to eCommerce brands to get more sales and visits to their online stores?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where attention spans are shorter than ever, capturing the interest of online shoppers has become a challenging feat for e-commerce businesses. As the e-commerce landscape evolves, businesses must adopt innovative marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience.

One strategy that has proven to be effective is video marketing. With its ability to convey messages quickly, emotionally connect with viewers, and provide immersive experiences, video marketing has become a powerful tool for driving success in e-commerce.

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Table of contents

  • Benefits of Video Marketing for Ecommerce

  • Types of Video Content for E-commerce

  • Tips for Effective Ecommerce Video Marketing

  • Video Distribution and Promotion

  • Types of eCommerce Videos You Need in Your Marketing Strategy

  • How to Start Incorporating Video in Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

  • Top 3 Strategies for Video Marketing for eCommerce

  • Conclusion

Benefits of Video Marketing for Ecommerce

video marketing for ecommerceECommerce video marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness. Shopping online becomes a thing when the pandemic hits. That’s why many businesses are creating interactive videos. Why? It is to build a personal connection with their shoppers.

As an e-commerce business owner, you must know the psychological trigger that urges shoppers to buy. According to Wyzowl, 80% of consumers said product videos give them confidence when purchasing.

Increase in Conversion Rates

In the competitive world of online shopping, standing out is crucial. Video marketing provides a dynamic way to showcase your products and their benefits. Product videos allow you to bring your offerings to life. Showing potential buyers how the products look, and function in real-world scenarios is a must-have. 

Research shows that including videos on product pages can increase conversion rates. And sometimes even doubling the likelihood of a purchase.

Enhanced Product Understanding

When shoppers can’t physically touch or see products in person, video fills the gap. Product demonstration videos offer an opportunity to explain product features and usage comprehensively.

creating videos for small businessesThrough visual demonstrations, viewers understand how products can solve their problems. Not only that, but it also fulfills their needs. Take the example of successful e-commerce businesses that have harnessed the power of video demonstrations to communicate product benefits and drive sales effectively.

Building Trust and Authenticity

One of the challenges of e-commerce is establishing trust with potential customers who can’t physically interact with your brand. This is where video content shines. Videos humanize the online shopping experience by giving a face and voice to your brand.

Authenticity is further reinforced through customer testimonials and reviews presented in video format. Real people sharing positive experiences with your products can influence buying decisions and build credibility.

Types of Video Content for E-commerce

People buy products or services because of relatable video content. We know interactive video can evoke emotion and trigger the viewer’s purchase intent.

Product Demonstrations

Imagine a virtual showroom where customers can see your products in action before buying them. Product demonstration videos provide this virtual experience.

By showcasing products in real-life situations, you give potential buyers a better understanding of size, functionality, and use cases. Craft these videos with engaging storytelling. In that way, you captivate viewers’ attention and drive them toward buying. 

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

When it comes to making purchase decisions, the opinions of others matter. Customer testimonial videos offer a compelling way to share real experiences and feedback from satisfied buyers.

These videos are not only persuasive but also humanize your brand. Authentic voices vouching for your products create a sense of trust and reliability. The authenticity that text-based reviews might struggle to achieve. A short video of 15-30 seconds will suffice.

short video for product reviewsHow-to Videos, Guides, and Tutorials

E-commerce customers appreciate guidance on how to make the most of their purchases. How-to videos, guides, and tutorial videos are valuable resources that help customers unlock the full potential of your products.

Whether it’s:

  • Assembling furniture

  • Using a new gadget

  • Styling clothing

These videos cater to your customers’ needs. They also enhance their overall satisfaction with their purchase.

Tips for Effective Ecommerce Video Marketing

ECommerce video marketing strategy is not as simple as one, two three. We suggest hiring a professional video production company to create your videos.

put videos in your landing pageKeep it Short and Engaging

Attention spans are limited in the fast-scrolling world of social media and online browsing. Keep your videos short and engaging to retain viewers’ interest. A concise and captivating video that communicates the value of your product is more likely to capture potential customers’ attention and keep them engaged.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Creating mobile-friendly videos is crucial because mobile devices drive significant online traffic. Optimize your videos for smaller screens, ensuring the content is clear and easy to follow. A seamless mobile viewing experience can significantly improve viewer engagement and drive conversions.

Storytelling and Branding

Storytelling can evoke emotions and establish a connection with your audience. Video marketing allows you to tell your brand’s story in a visual and impactful way. You can share your brand’s values, missions, and journey in storytelling. 

Call to Action (CTA)

Don’t leave your viewers hanging after watching your compelling videos. Incorporate a clear and persuasive call to action (CTA) that guides viewers on the next steps. Whether:

  • Directing them to your online store

  • Inviting them to subscribe, or

  • Encouraging them to share the video

A well-crafted CTA can turn viewers into active participants.

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Video Distribution and Promotion

Video ads allow you to build an audience of engaged people because you can track their video view statistics.

product video creationSocial Media Platforms

Leverage the power of social media platforms to distribute your e-commerce videos. Different platforms cater to diverse audiences. So you need to tailor your videos to suit the preferences of each platform’s users. With the right strategy, your videos can gain traction and engagement and even go viral.

Email Marketing

Enhance your email campaigns with the inclusion of video content. Videos in emails can lead to higher click-through rates and better engagement. A well-placed video can convey your message and encourage recipients to take action.

Paid Advertising

For maximum visibility, consider paid advertising options like YouTube and Facebook ads. These platforms offer advanced targeting options, ensuring your videos reach your desired audience. 

You can showcase your products to potential customers with video content and strategic ad placement.

optimize product descriptionsTypes of eCommerce Videos You Need in Your Marketing Strategy

Incorporating various video types into your marketing strategy can yield impressive results. Product video production can be produced in many creative ways.

  • Highlighting Product Features: Showcasing key features in action can sway potential buyers.

  • Unboxing and Assembling Videos: Guide customers through the unboxing and setup process.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Offer a glimpse into your brand’s operations and culture.

  • Explainer Videos for Complex Products: Simplify the benefits of intricate products.

How to Start Incorporating Video in Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

To effectively integrate video into your e-commerce marketing strategy:

  • Set Clear Objectives: Define what you aim to achieve with your videos.

  • Allocate Resources: Invest in quality equipment, production, and talent.

  • Develop a Content Calendar: Plan your video releases strategically.

  • Integrate Video in Existing Strategies: Align videos with your overall marketing approach.

Top 3 Strategies for Video Marketing for eCommerce

If you need help making a product video, here are some strategies you can integrate. Creating shoppable videos increases engagement. 

Strategy 1: Storytelling Showcases

Build an emotional connection with your audience by narrating your brand’s journey. Engaging storytelling creates a lasting impression and fosters customer loyalty.

Google study said women aged 18 to 34 were twice as likely to think favorably of a brand that displayed powerful advertisements. After viewing such commercials, they are also 80% more inclined to enjoy, comment, and share them.

explainer video productStrategy 2: Interactive Product Tours

Provide an immersive shopping experience by guiding customers through product options. Interactive videos enable customers to explore and make informed decisions.

Strategy 3: User-Generated Content

Tack the creativity of your customers by encouraging them to create videos showcasing your products. User-generated content bolsters trust and makes sense of the community around your brand.

According to an estimated 90% of consumers, user-generated content (UGC) influences purchasing decisions more than promotional mailings or search engine results.

Having high-quality images can indeed grab the attention of old and new customers. But using videos can boost sales and conversation rates.


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where innovation drives success, video marketing stands out as a game-changer. Videos can boost conversion rates, enhance customer trust, and establish a deeper connection with your audience. 

By integrating video content into your marketing strategy, you’re not just keeping up with the times—you’re paving the way for a more engaging and successful e-commerce journey.

Don’t forget to optimize all your product descriptions in your store. It boosts your ranking when you choose the right targeted keywords and listings.

When done creatively and with intent, video marketing can set your eCommerce business apart from other businesses. If you’re hungry for more e-commerce insights, don’t hesitate to explore our related articles and resources. 

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