Video Editing Services

Here at Zip In Media Productions, we understand you are seeking out Miami video editing services to capture a significant events in your business or life. For years, people have come to us for all manner of important occasion, including:

If there is a landmark event or corporate opportunity you would like to record, we can help. We will guide and assist you in organizing and communicating your ideas through video. Share your vision with us and we will help shape your story into something unique, using your captured footage and photos. We will create a time capsule of your landmark event or special moment with our Miami video editing services, to be cherished for generations to come. But right now you might be thinking … “Sounds great, but I don’t have any video of me or my family or my business?” Don’t worry, we got you covered! We can be there with you at THE EVENT. We will be in attendance, shooting video of all the important moments. This allows you to enjoy yourself and participate. It will be far less stressful and much more festive if you are in front of the camera, rather than behind it.

Video editing services in Miami FL- Up Front Answers to All Your Questions

No project is too large or too small. We welcome the challenge and are equipped to handle them all. We have been in the video solutions business for four years and are confidently able to say we can offer you the best video editing services in Miami FL. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information about video production services and all that goes into each unique project so all your questions are answered before we get started. You will be aware of exactly how much time and energy it will take to deliver a quality production.

Miami Video editing Services – Personalizing Your Vision is Our Goal

In order to ensure that you get exactly what you have in mind for the video record of your important day, we approach each new client with an open mind. We strive to gain as much inspiration from you as we can through thoughtful questions before our project takes flight. We provide quality video editing services and take our time with each individual client, making sure that their unique vision is realized.

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 Video Editing Service Rates

Sorting of raw footage: 120% total footage duration. For multi camera shoots the total will include each camera separately. There is a BIG difference between sorting through 20 minutes versus 2 hours of footage. This could be adjusted for projects we actually shoot, as we’ll know which footage to use. Also, if you provide a specific time codes for us we can discount the time here (however most people don’t, which is ok).

Single Scene, limited graphics: 3h per minute*

Examples:Ring By Name Testimonials, Energy Saving Solution Interviews

Video Editing 1

Multiple Scenes, graphic overlays, simple animation, voice over, green screen: 4h per minute*

Examples: FIU fundraiser, LKQ, “how-to” animations

Video Editing 2

Full animation, motion graphics: 5h per minute*

This is just for animating. There is an additional charge for creating or buying static graphics, if you don’t not provide them.

Examples: Toshiba Videos, My Tech help, Affordable SEOs, Soho Studios, Indegogo Campaigns

Video Editing 3

*Important to note that prices may vary depending on each project and all projects are required to pay a stock footage fee (This includes Images, video and music)*

Turnaround Time?

As you probably would image it comes down to the amount of footage… well it does, if you have 50 hours of video that we need to sort through than it will be longer than 3 weeks to complete. Also another a very important factor is our current schedule of clients. Most videos are completed within 3 weeks from receiving raw footage.

Video Editing Services MiamiVideo Editing Services Miami FL         Let Zip In Media Productions take your cherished moments to the next level! We will help you the whole way through the process with ideas from concept to Creation. Thats why Zip in Media production is the best video editing service in miami.