Using Your Marketing Metrics like a Pro

Marketing metrics

Launching a marketing strategy is only the first step in drawing in more business to your company. Marketing plans require oversight, tweaking, and adjustments. The measure of your success with a marketing strategy can be found in your page’s marketing metrics.

What are metrics?  They’re invaluable bits of information:

  • The numbers behind how many people visit your page

  • Who the people visiting your page are (how old they are, where they live, etc.)

  • How long your visitors stay on your page

  • Whether they purchase your goods or seek out your service

Taken together, marketing metrics paint a picture of key performance areas of marketing and lend certainty to your investment.

Many tools exist to help you measure, month to month (or more frequently!) your site’s metrics—the impact of your marketing efforts.
Getting Started with Marketing Metrics

The easiest platform for measuring the success (or lack thereof) of your marketing strategy is Google Analytics, a service provided free by Google and well-liked for its ease of use. Google Analytics is the leader in providing businesspeople with the tools needed to measure the success of a given marketing strategy and ultimately to draw customers in—all at no cost!

The first step to making use of Google Analytics is to create an account. You can use an already existing Google account or create a new one. Either way, ensure that the account you use is one that you will continue to have access to over time.

Getting Started with Google Analytics: The Steps

1. After signing up with a Google account or logging in to the one you already hold, simply go to the Google Analytics page and click the “sign up” button. You will have the option to create a new account for your webpage.

2. After filling in all the required boxes—“website name,” “website URL,” etc.—you must then install the tracking code on your site, the HTML tidbit which must be included in your site’s code in order to monitor your metrics. How and where to insert the code varies from platform to platform.

3. After that, you will be brought to your “audience overview” page upon log-in, where you can view your metrics and begin to assess your marketing strategy.

Now you have your Google Analytics account set up. With some exploring, you can also add goals and keep track of what people are searching on your site.

Man looking at marketing metrics
A great marketing plan will show in your metrics—and in your business.
Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty: basic metrics to watch on Google Analytics

•    Total Visits to your Page, or the Golden Standard of Success

Google Analytics is a wonderful place to begin when analyzing the impact of your marketing plan. Using Google’s platform, you can keep track of all your marketing metrics, like total visits to your page. You can also keep track of the visits to various sub-pages on your site and determine whether, say, a pay-per-click campaign is working its magic. A drop in the total number of visits per month may signal that something isn’t quite working in one of your marketing channels. A good, effective campaign should have your total number of visits growing month-to-month.

Google Analytics can also tell you how many of these visits are new or from returning visitors. Returning visitors are a good thing—it means your outreach is truly drawing people in and keeping them there! Again, a drop in the number of returning visitors may indicate that you have misstepped in some part of your marketing strategy and are losing effectiveness in reaching out to clientele.

•   Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: The bounce rate

Of course, not every visit to your page will result in a bite from a customer—or even a reasonable stay on your site. Your “bounce rate” is another type of marketing metric. The bounce rate lets you know how many people are coming to your site only to leave shortly thereafter—and may hint that you need to fix something in your design.

Amp up your conversion rate with marketing metrics
Metrics show your progress towards the ultimate goal in marketing: conversion.

• Total Conversions, also known as your measure of victory

Whether you’re drawing people to your site to purchase a good or fill out a lead form, the measure of your success in getting customers to comply is your “total conversion.” This is another metric which Google Analytics can measure for you, helping you to see whether your site’s design, product for sale, or service offered is appealing to your customer base. You can even set a goal in Google Analytics for your total conversions, and track your progress towards that end.

Marketing Metrics are the Key to your Business’ Success

Without keeping an eye on your website’s metrics, you’ll be clueless to measure whether or not a marketing strategy is having its desired impact—that is, drawing in new customers and encouraging repeat customers to return. With the help of platforms like Google Analytics, you can take a close look at key performance areas of marketing and see what’s working and what’s not in your plan. When you use your marketing metrics like a pro, you’ll see the biggest return on your investment.

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man looking at marketing metrics
Google Analytics provides an easy overview of how your strategy is performing.

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