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Establishing trust with potential customers is important for any business, and a testimonial video production is a great marketing tool. Video testimonials provide a customer-centered view of a product or service that complements a company’s traditional product-centered marketing.

Recall the last time you ordered a product or service online. Did you see a video before making this purchase? More and more, companies rely on video marketing to boost user engagement and increase conversion rates.

Testimonial videos benefit companies who focus on not only business to customer sales but also business to business sales. By viewing a product or service in the field, a business owner can make a better purchasing decision. Since the testimonial comes from another business owner, rather than from the service provider, the level of trust established in the video is much higher than that achieved with other marketing videos.

Producing a testimonial video is easier that you think. When approaching a business for a testimonial, it is important to explain the production as a way to promote both companies. Most business owners are eager to have their companies featured in videos.

Online video also features the unmatched capacity to target specific groups and track your results with real data. Where cable and network TV advertising only allows for broad demographic targeting, online video can be targeted to niche audiences effortlessly. 

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Video testimonials are an amazing way to showcase your product or service in a that relates directly to your target customer. These three questions will help you get the most from your video. Testimonial Video production Miami – Three easy questions to get effective (Infographic)

1. Tell us about you and your business.

Give your client the opportunity to talk about themself. This gives them a chance to promote their business in a way that will engage other clients in the same industry. 

2. How has our product or service helped you?

Ask them about a specific feature of your business and how it affected them. It’s OK to provide some guidance, such as repeating the company name. 

3. Why would you recommend our company to others?

Asking for the recommendation is the most important part. This provide an emotional hook and clear call to action for prospective clients.

 When you work with Zip in Media Productions, making a video marketing campaign is simple. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • First we determine exactly what you need from your video content
  • Our team produces high quality videos just for you. Read more about our production process.
  • To make sure your videos are perfect, we make revisions based on your feedback. Read more about how we do revisions.
  • Then your campaign is ready to go.
  • We will help you track your results so that you can keep improving your marketing strategy.

To get started building a fantastic online video marketing campaign for your business, call us at 305-482-1285, or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment with our team.

 Want to learn more about how online video production can help businesses like yours? Find tips and advice for online video marketing on our blog.

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Our Production Process

The starting point for most videos is a script, a basic outline of the scenes and narration of the video. You can write this script yourself, or we can provide a script based on your direction. Some videos, such as testimonial videos, only require a list of interview questions. Whatever type of video you need, our team can help you through the planning process.
With the schedule and shot list prepared, everything is set for a successful production. Our team will arrive with all of the equipment and people needed to get great footage for your project. A video shoot can be a little intimidating, especially if you have never been part of one. We have experience in productions large and small, so you can be confident that everything will go smoothly.
Once we have all of the footage and other media for your video, we will start editing the piece. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks, depending on the length of the video and the level of animation needed. We will send you three versions of the video to review: a rough cut, fine cut, and final cut. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback at every stage of the process. After we complete the revisions, we will deliver the final video in any format you need.

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We recently produced a set of testimonial videos for Energy Saving Solutions. ESS is a company that specializes in installing and financing LED lighting systems for commercial applications. In one day, we were able to visit four locations and capture the testimonials of several business owners.

We had a tight deadline, and Zip In Media really delivered. They completed the entire project from the shooting to the final edits in less than a week. We used the customer testimonials they produced in our online sales meetings, our website, and our YouTube channel. I would highly recommend Zip In Media for your next corporate video production


It is important when producing a video that you get the most from your investment. We helped integrate the video into ESS’s website, improving their search engine optimization. We also helped implement the video into their online sales presentations, providing a valuable tool for their sales reps to use when approaching new clients.

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