Zipinmedia’s First Annual ‘Who will I Become?’ Scholarship Essay Contest.

Zipinmedia wants to help YOU pay for college! Students, think you have what it takes to win a $500.00 scholarship from one of the best video production companies in the country? Then listen up!

We’re challenging high school seniors and currently enrolled college students to write a creative essay about their dream job. The reason? Creative writing is an important skill to have to be successful in many industries, especially in ours.

Candidates must describe, in a five-paragraph essay, what you want to do for a living after college (It does not have to be about a career in video production) why you think this path will be a good use of your time, and what skills you will bring to the table. You may not have an idea of what you want to do just yet, so this is where you need to put your creative writing skills to use.

We are looking for creative, compelling, and unique essays which will be evaluated based on their creativity, practicality, use of writing skill. This competition is ideal for students who are seeking financial support to further their college career and desire an opportunity to establish, enhance or develop a creative writing portfolio.

The winner of the scholarship will receive $500.00 for use with tuition, room & board, books, or technology acquisition.

Ready, set, write!

Submit your essay! Below…

Eligibility, Submission Rules & Guidelines

  • Interested participants must nominate themselves by submitting a 700-1,000 word five paragraph essay to the above form including your name, email where you may be contacted.
  • The competition is open to U.S citizens and residents
  • The competition is open to high school students and students enrolled in a degree-granting college in the U.S.
  • The submission will be judged by Zipinmedia personnel
  • The submission will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness and understanding of the topic
  • All submissions must be received by November 22nd, 2022
  • A winner will be determined by Zipinmedia no later than December 6th, 2022
  • The winner will be notified by email
  • The $500.00 scholarship will be awarded before December 13th, 2022 and will be featured on the official blog of Zipinmedia

The winner of the competition will be selected at the discretion of Zipinmedia based on criteria determined by Zipinmedia. Zipinmedia reserves the right to disqualify entrants if the conditions above are not met. Zipinmedia retains the right to update these rules and regulations at their discretion without notice. By submitting an entry to the first annual ‘Who will I Become?’ Scholarship Essay Contest, candidates acknowledge they are participating in a competition and are not guaranteed to win or receive scholarship funds. Arrangements to award the scholarship for academic use will be finalized once Zipinmedia determines the winning entry.

Submit your information below for directions.