Video Revision Process

Simple Revision Process

Video production, like many creative projects, benefits from feedback and revision. Our primary goal is to tell your story in the most effective and engaging way, which is why we provide several opportunities for you to provide feedback in the post production process.

We have found that a three stage approach works for the majority of clients. It provides a structure to incorporate your feedback into the final piece, while maintaining guidelines that make sure your video is completed on time and on budget.  Lets Talk: 305-482-1285

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A final note on revisions.

Our three stage approach is designed to give you flexibility and a clearly defined end point. When seeing your original ideas take shape, you may come up with a new concept or better message. We don’t want you to feel stuck with a video that does not fulfill your goals. This is why communication is so important.

The sooner you provide feedback, the easier it is for us to accommodate your changes and avoid additional costs. 

That being said, our approach is not the only one that works. If you want to take a more active role in the editing, we are open to your ideas. Lets us know how you would like to be involved, and we will adjust our schedule and budget to make it work for you.

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Our Revision Process

Stage 1: Rough Cut
The first step in creating a video is to sort the footage from the production day, select the best clips, and put them in sequence to tell a story. The rough cut will be basic, without any effects and with abrupt transitions between clips. Often, there will be image and text placeholders where we need to purchase a graphic or you still need to provide us the information.
Stage 2: Fine Cut
The fine cut will be very close to the final version of your video. It will include the changes you requested from the rough cut. Any placeholders will be replaced with the approved graphic or information that you provide.
Stage 3: Final Cut
The final cut is where we polish the details on the video. We will improve the color, balance the audio, and make adjustments to the animations to ensure the final piece meets our high standards of quality.