Medical Video Marketing: A Necessity for Businesses in the Healthcare Industry

If you’re a healthcare business, medical video marketing is of the utmost importance. Perhaps you’re feeling that your business has flat-lined (or at least suffered a bit of an arrhythmia). You might be reaching for the AED, hoping to jump-start things and regain your vitality.

medical video marketingYou might be trying to get your private practice off the ground, letting the community know you’re accepting patients. If you are neglecting to reach them with video advertisement, though, you’re skipping over a powerful, powerful tool. You might be developing a medical clinic marketing plan, but if you’re forgetting medical video marketing, your plan needs a check-up!

With the popularity of online sites on which to advertise—YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter—you’re missing out if you’re not taking advantage of the engaging, versatile nature of video ads. People will always need your service, but you need to give them a hand in locating you and seeing you for what you are—a caring, trustworthy medical service provider.

Enter Zipinmedia: a marketing firm that exists to help hard-working businesses like yours adapt to, and thrive in, today’s always-connected world. We excel in creating the video marketing content that sweeps new clients off their feet. Through catchy YouTube ads, moving testimonial videos, and intriguing informational tidbits, we show people that you exist, you work, and you care. Let Zipinmedia tell your story to your target audiences with medical video marketing.

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If you’re here, you’re looking for a boost to your medical marketing strategy. You may be wondering how to reach more people or what the most cost-effective form of outreach may be. If so, stop and ask yourself:

  • Am I really meeting my clients where they congregate—that is, on popular webpages like Facebook?

  • Is my medical business using a professionally produced, targeted video advertisement to catch the attention of my future customers?

  • Am I missing out on growing my clientele because of ineffective or absent videos showcasing my service or product?

No matter what you do in the healthcare field, you can use medical video marketing to your advantage. If you’re a doctor looking to introduce yourself to your community or a hospital aiming to advertise your care an engaging video ad can make a world of difference in increasing your exposure to the people whose lives and well-being depend on you. If you want to grow and expand your reach, video marketing is definitely among the best medical marketing ideas!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to take expand your business with medical video marketing, you’ll need quality video marketing to truly shine. Zipinmedia creates videos that are custom-tailored to your needs. Concise and effective, the videos we produce will grab the eye and ear of the people you serve.

We streamline and guide you through the video-making process from start to finish.

  1. You choose who writes the video script. With your guidance, we can provide it, or you’re welcome to send along your own.

  2. We send our team out for production and filming begins. We know filming can be stressful, so we make it lighthearted, fun, and efficient.

  3. We take the footage, edit it, and give to you your marketing masterpiece.

  4. You’re ready to air your custom-made medical industry marketing video!

Set your company page apart with video

Whether you want to make business contacts, recruit new talent, or promote your brand with consumers, using video on your company page can make a real difference. Video builds the personal and emotional connections that make business contacts that last.

For example: Consider a doctor’s office called Watson & Dolittle. Dr. Watson and Dr. Dolittle want to improve their LinkedIn company profile. They decide to add a video tour of the office and short interviews of staff members to their company profile to help market their brand. These videos help them connect with future healthcare partners and promising new talent, as well as potential clients from all backgrounds.

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We at Zipinmedia are well-versed in helping those in the healthcare field grow their business through medical video marketing. Check out our page on the unique benefit that video marketing holds for hospitals or our page on how doctors can use videos to introduce themselves to the communities they serve, educate their patients on common healthcare problems, and much more. We’re ready to help at any time—give us a call at 954-466-4610 and we can get the ball rolling on getting you the exposure you need. 

Wondering what working with Zipinmedia looks like? Here’s an overview of our quick, simple, and comprehensive production process that creates our highly-effective products of medical video marketing.

Your Marketing Campaign: so much more than just a video!

Part of our work is making the development of your video marketing campaign as simple as possible. Zip In Media Productions LLC knows you’re busy—so we make things easy every step of the way.

  1. We use our expertise and experience to determine exactly what you need from your video content.

  2. Our team produces professional videos just for you. Read more about our production process here. (

  3. We make sure your video is perfect by revising based on your feedback. For information on our revision process, check out our page here. (

  4. Your campaign is ready to launch.

  5. We help you track your results so that your marketing strategy can keep adapting and improving.

Ready to take Advantage of a Foolproof Means of Medical Marketing?

Video marketing is today’s best and most effective medical marketing strategy and a must-have for businesses in the medical sector. Whether you’re a small-town doctor, a medical supplies distributor, or a major metropolitan hospital, medical video marketing is a must-have. So give us a call today at 954-466-4610 to get started on crafting your video.