Latest GEO BEATS Video Production

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This week’s GEO Beats shoot was a fantastic one. We shot footage of this excellent company called Davie Self-Storage. We took a joy ride through the campus taking some breath taking shots of the vast campus. We also interviewed the warm and kind staff who let us in on some great reasons why Davie Self-Storage may be the leader in Do it yourself storage. It was a great day of filming and were looking forward to capturing more footage of amazing businesses such as this.

We also took an in depth video of a unique cleaning service called After Hours Cleaning. For the video we met them at AMF Bowling alley. They demonstrated there cleaning with great efficiency. The staff had friendly personalities, they were really trying to strike up business with this fun and informative video. Later this week we met up with Advanced Carpet Cleaning. There really did live to the name because everything they did was advanced, They had a brand-new, ultra-mobile carpet cleaning device that only left a trail of clean behind it. That wraps up this weeks report on the latest GEO Beats; stay tuned!