JPAY Video overview

The Video for was a great production. This production took us across the country to a State Prison near Seattle. Although it wasn’t our first or furthest production trip it was the coldest. It happen to snow the night before the shoot at the prison which made the entire area pretty wet by the next day. All in all, the weather actually made the prison even grayer and gloomier which I think worked pretty well.

A funny story on the flight back… I sat next to a fine lady, and we struck up a conversation. we inevitably got to the point of the conversation in which we asked about where we were going and why we were there.
She asked,
“So what did you do while you were in Washington”
I replied with a straight face,
“I had been in prison there”

At which point she turned red and seemed visibly uncomfortable sitting next to what she though a convicted criminal.

I turned to her with a half smile and said “I shot…” She gasped, and I continued
“A video production there for a company dealing with prisons. It was my first time in a Prison and I don’t plan on visiting again.”

We both laughed and had a great 6 hour flight back to Miami.

I won’t soon forget my foray in prison though, very eerie. I was even invited into a cell to get some shots. All in all though it actually seemed posh. Lets just say the old adage: It was a nice place to visit… but I wouldn’t want to live there.

We look forward to doing more with they are great, and have a fantastic product and service.

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