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Interactive Video Marketing

What is an Interactive Video?

An interactive video campaign feeds information from your Email Marketing or CRM system and populates the video template realtime without the use of a third party DB.

Based off of the user attributes we can change the messaging seen be the client. In addition our application is able to walk your clients through their own unique selling experience.

Implementation allows your clients to experience a unique and fun experience every time. Additionally we can track different sections of the users experience to enhance your flow and overall success of the campaign. 

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Interactive Video of Use cases

New client campaign

Let’s say you’re trying to attract new clients, we can make a interactive video that captures leads… This application can be set up for educational purposes or just a great way for clients to funnel through the video and take action on one page.

Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing to existing clients is so crucial to any business, making it easy and fun for them to learn about additional products or services you have… We can make this happen by knowing what the client purchased before your CRM most likely knows what additional products or services they would purchase. What we can do is make a fun monthly surprise funnel for clients to return to the site and go through the application and have a call to action to buy the unique product or service.

Training applications

Training your clients is more important that training your staff in most circumstances… not only have we figure out a way to educate your clients but this process will also save you on the overhead of additional calls about the product or service that can be easily answered. By creating a fun and entertaining experience for your clients to explain your basic processes it will help you overcome and achieve a sense of relief and increase perceived value.

Process applications

Ensuring that clients understand and feel that your process is simple, fun, and friendly is always a challenge. That’s way we came up with a way to make it interactive that fits with the needs of your client in mind. Creating and maintaining processes is a tough business, it requires constant updates to your clients and staff, just think if you can train both at the same time and make it fun and simple to understand by using interactive videos. You will be able to control the unique details for each of the client’s paths and plan accordingly.  

Customer service applications

Most clients after completing a form online or in the store want to know what to do next and how it works. So we made this costly task simple and fun by turning your client into a fanatic about your business. We do this be offering your client the a simple way to understand the process as well as interact with it. We do this by understanding the process and mixing video into key parts of your process to help them better understand, this also allows us to insert the actual account managers information directly into the process so they don’t have to leave the site to find the correct person to talk too.

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Interactive Video Marketing

Video Marketing Explained
Target Audience
Who's your target audience? Why are they receiving this message? How are your measuring it? Whats your Goals?
Creating A Video Marketing Plan
TrueView allows you to target multiple demographics, Geo-Targeted Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow. Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow.
Manage Your Marketing
We leverage free and paid tools and give you recommendations on the types of reports that would be best for your goals.
Marketing Channels Strategies
Creating a marketing channel strategy, will allow us to help you repurpose our video content by slightly updating the message.
Video Marketing Distribution
After planning its time to send out our message and see how it performs on all channels: Facebook, Youtube, Email, Website...
Create Video Library
Its now time to select the types of videos we will need to make our plan a reality: Corporate video, Testimonials, and more.
Review, Revise, Repeat
Based on the results of the campaigns we will help you review, revise, and repeat the video marketing plan.
Details for Each Topic
Where are your people
  • B2B / B2C
  • Local / National
  • Men / Women
  • Lifestyle / Devices
Create a Plan
  • Overall Objectives
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Key Metrics to measure
  • How are you measure the results now
  • Create segmentations
  • Select Marketing Channels
Management Tools
  • Building Reports
  • CRM (Zoho)
  • Google Products
  • Vimeo
Video Marketing for all
  • Website/ Landing Pages
  • Social Media Video Marketing
  • SEO Video Marketing
  • Vlog Video Marketing
Publishing Your Message
  • Youtube / Adwords / TrueView Ads
  • Facebook Ads / Social Outlets
  • LinkedIn Publications
  • SEO / Websites
  • Local listings / TV Advertising
Types of Videos Create
  • Commercial Video Production
  • Product Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
Reviewing the Campaigns
  • Review the Likes/Shares
  • Review reports
  • Create new ideas based on results
  • Create new plan of action
Why you need video
Video Explanation
Define your clients
Everyone needs a plan
How we leverage Technology
Video Marketing by Channel
Video Marketing Distribution
We Create Your Video Content
Review. Revise. Remarketing