South Florida’s #1 Financial Video Marketing Company

South Florida’s #1 Financial Video Marketing Company

Stunning content for banks, financial advisors, accountants, loan services, and more.

It doesn’t take a financial expert to realize that a large volume of traffic plus high conversion rates is the formula for successful digital marketing. But if your business is struggling to achieve those goals, knowing where to turn can feel impossible.

Financial video marketing from Zip In Media is the answer.

Here at Zip In Media, our dedicated team are experts in both video marketing and the target audiences of banks, accountants, and providers of related financial services. To find out how we can transform your marketing activities in a fast, affordable, and quantifiable manner, book a consultation with our experts today!

Why Your Financial Business Needs Video Marketing

Before investing in any marketing strategy, you need to confirm that it will bring the best results for your financial business. Video marketing can transform your venture for a whole host of reasons, including but not limited to;

Consumers want it

Studies show that 59% of executives would choose video over text if both options present the same information. Meanwhile, the amount of time that consumers spend watching branded vids further underlines the demand for video.

Giving B2B and B2C clients the type of media they want is vital, especially when they need to make a big financial decision.

The content is more memorable 

Your clients will want to make informed decisions because it influences their finances. The fact that users retain 95% of the info absorbed through video, compared to 10% of the text they read, should not be ignored. By providing clearer insights into what users can expect from your products and services, you stand a far better shot at conversion.

Video generates clicks

The click-through rate on marketing emails containing videos is up to 3x greater than those that don’t. Meanwhile, four in five businesses that have videos on their homepage state that they have seen improvements on the back of this feature. Getting traffic from users that have a clear interest in the financial products should bring positive outcomes.

Video promotes conversions

The ultimate aim of any marketing strategy is to gain more sales. It is shown that 84% of consumers have completed purchases after watching a video. If your content engages the target market and provides the confirmation that your financial or banking products are what they need, amazing results will follow.

Video marketing is still growing

While the immediate need for video marketing is clear, you must also think about tomorrow. Over 80% of marketers believe that the importance of video campaigns is growing. By investing in video marketing to create a more professional and engaging strategy today, you’ll also be supporting your future endeavours.

Video marketing is one of the most effective solutions on the market while over half of all businesses attribute it as their best weapon in terms of ROIs. While there are many different ingredients to consider in the recipe for successful financial video marketing protocols. Zip In Media provides the comprehensive and tailored strategies to achieve your goals.

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The Zip In Media Process

Appreciating the need for a high-quality digital marketing campaign is one thing, but building the perfect strategy is another altogether. Zip In Media’s video marketing financial services are the answer. Our core values revolve on video content made easy, and it’s apparent in every step of the process.

Financial Video Marketing Consultation 

Whether your business is an accountancy firm, a bank, or any related financial service doesn’t matter. You need to know that every aspect of the proposed video production and marketing campaigns are built with the needs of your business in mind.

We can provide specialised services that are tailored to banks, financial advisors, accountants, loan services, and a range of alternative company types in the field of finance.

The fact that we have an in-depth understanding of the industries and the challenges that you may face makes us perfectly placed to transform your approach to marketing for the better.

Our finance video marketing consultations provide clarity ahead of building campaigns by answering the following questions:

  • What is the exact nature of the finance related business?
  • What are the objective of your video marketing campaigns?
  • Who are you hoping to reach?
  • How quickly do you intend to see results?
  • What is the marketing budget, and are there plans to grow it?

A consultation service from Zip In Media establishes the perfect platform ahead of entering the video-making process.

The Video Production Process

You’re an expert in providing the best financial services, and probably have some ideas on how to promote the business in style. However, we’re the experts in honing those visions and turning them into a reality. To make this happen, we’ll focus on three areas of success.

Pre Production

The pre-production phase focuses on creating the scripts, outlines, storyboards, and general plans for individual videos and comprehensive packages alike.

Here at Zip In Media, we pride ourselves on producing a wide range of videos that can help banks, financial institutes, and accounting companies like yours. We can support your business by creating the following types of videos;

  • Announcement videos
  • Meet the team videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Vlogs
  • Sketches / humour skits
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ / Q&A videos
  • Product tour videos

From deciding which types of content are most suitable to plotting the best steps in order to create engaging content that gains the right response from the right audience. Zip In Media guarantees that your project is underpinned by the best platform.


Video shoots can be daunting and hectic. However, you can leave that to us while you focus on continuing to thrive as a business.

Given the nature of the business, it’s likely that a professional vibe will need to be maintained. Our talented staff use the latest technologies and equipment to produce ultra professional HD quality video footage. Whether displayed on the internet or used for a traditional TV ad campaign, your productions will create the desired effect.

Our organisation ensures that the shoot runs smoothly, producing stunning results and gaining maximum cost efficiency.


The raw footage and media needs to be edited and presented in the right way so that the final video can make a winning impact. Our post-production processes include but are not limited to;

  • Rough cut, fine cut, and final cut processes
  • Soundtrack additions and sound level balancing
  • Colour coding and selection
  • Animation, videographics, lower thirds, etc
  • Navigation links through menus and on-screen CTAs

As well as ensuring that your business receives a highly professional product that suits the field of finance while still showcasing a little personality. Zip In Media can take care of publishing and social sharing. This can extend to target marketing to ensure your content reaches the right people.


 Content Creation Process

The starting point for most videos is a script, a basic outline of the scenes and narration of the video. You can write this script yourself, or we can provide a script based on your direction. Some videos, such as testimonial videos, only require a list of interview questions. Whatever type of video you need, our team can help you through the planning process.
With the schedule and shot list prepared, everything is set for a successful production. Our team will arrive with all of the equipment and people needed to get great footage for your project. A video shoot can be a little intimidating, especially if you have never been part of one. We have experience in productions large and small, so you can be confident that everything will go smoothly.
Once we have all of the footage and other media for your video, we will start editing the piece. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks, depending on the length of the video and the level of animation needed. We will send you three versions of the video to review: a rough cut, fine cut, and final cut. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback at every stage of the process. After we complete the revisions, we will deliver the final video in any format you need.
Stage 1: Rough Cut
The first step in creating a video is to sort the footage from the production day, select the best clips, and put them in sequence to tell a story. The rough cut will be basic, without any effects and with abrupt transitions between clips. Often, there will be image and text placeholders where we need to purchase a graphic or you still need to provide us the information.
Stage 2: Fine Cut
The fine cut will be very close to the final version of your video. It will include the changes you requested from the rough cut. Any placeholders will be replaced with the approved graphic or information that you provide.
Stage 3: Final Cut
The final cut is where we polish the details on the video. We will improve the color, balance the audio, and make adjustments to the animations to ensure the final piece meets our high standards of quality.

Online Marketing Outline

Video Marketing Explained
Target Audience
Who's your target audience? Why are they receiving this message? How are your measuring it? Whats your Goals?
Creating A Video Marketing Plan
TrueView allows you to target multiple demographics, Geo-Targeted Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow. Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow.
Manage Your Marketing
We leverage free and paid tools and give you recommendations on the types of reports that would be best for your goals.
Marketing Channels Strategies
Creating a marketing channel strategy, will allow us to help you repurpose our video content by slightly updating the message.
Video Marketing Distribution
After planning its time to send out our message and see how it performs on all channels: Facebook, Youtube, Email, Website...
Create Video Library
Its now time to select the types of videos we will need to make our plan a reality: Corporate video, Testimonials, and more.
Review, Revise, Repeat
Based on the results of the campaigns we will help you review, revise, and repeat the video marketing plan.
Details for Each Topic
Where are your people
  • B2B / B2C
  • Local / National
  • Men / Women
  • Lifestyle / Devices
Create a Plan
  • Overall Objectives
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Key Metrics to measure
  • How are you measure the results now
  • Create segmentations
  • Select Marketing Channels
Management Tools
  • Building Reports
  • CRM (Zoho)
  • Google Products
  • Vimeo
Video Marketing for all
  • Website/ Landing Pages
  • Social Media Video Marketing
  • SEO Video Marketing
  • Vlog Video Marketing
Publishing Your Message
  • Youtube / Adwords / TrueView Ads
  • Facebook Ads / Social Outlets
  • LinkedIn Publications
  • SEO / Websites
  • Local listings / TV Advertising
Types of Videos Create
  • Commercial Video Production
  • Product Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
Reviewing the Campaigns
  • Review the Likes/Shares
  • Review reports
  • Create new ideas based on results
  • Create new plan of action
Why you need video
Video Explanation
Define your clients
Everyone needs a plan
How we leverage Technology
Video Marketing by Channel
Video Marketing Distribution
We Create Your Video Content
Review. Revise. Remarketing
Corporate Videos
Introduce your business with a custom video
Testimonial Videos
Let your satisfied customers do the talking!
Training Videos
Explain complicated processes for clients and employees
Product Videos
Help customers know your products as well as you do.
Social Media Videos
Engaging with users on all your social channels.
Web Videos
Post these short videos anywhere online.
Animated Videos
Give your message extra flair with animation.
Blog / Vlog Videos
Improve your SEO with vlogs.
HTML5 Videos
Put your clients in the driver’s seat.
Event Videos
Marketing events is tough, why not use video?
Video Tips
Highlight key topics with short Q&A style videos.
Infographic Videos
Help your clients understand processes you can’t explain with footage alone.

Professional Video Production You Can Trust

In addition to offering a wide range of video content creation services that can bring your finance brand to life. Zip In Media boasts a solid reputation and online presence across Florida. We can support you with;

  • West Palm Beach video production
  • Naples video production
  • Miami video production
  • Fort Lauderdale video production
  • Boca Raton video production

We’ve helped hundreds of business across the various areas of the financial arena. We thrive on creating engaging content that is built with conversions (as well as increased brand awareness) in mind. When your business needs to win over new clients or target repeat sales from past customers, our comprehensive approach to professional video production supports your cause.

Everything we do is customized to your situation to achieve your objectives. This can cover everything from thinking about the CTAs to defining the target audience.

Expertise Extending Beyond Creation

While producing quality videos for your finance business is the main focus, it’s equally crucial to ensure that they work from a practical sense. Do you know how to manage video campaigns and track their success? We do, and can handle all aspects of;

  • Email marketing video usage
  • Social media video marketing
  • Google products
  • Vimeo and YouTube analysis
  • Website and landing page videos
  • Adwords, Facebook Ads, and paid promotion
  • Video libraries
  • Video navigation through the campaign

The insights gained from our management processes give clear indications as to which ideas work and which ideas require additional work. In turn, this can further support aspects of budget management while also encouraging quick progress.

Let’s face it; if a video campaign for your financial business is ever going to work, all of the different aspects need to add up. With Zip In Media on your side, your chances of success just became a whole lot brighter.

Take The First Steps To Success Today

Whether you run a bank, accountancy, or financial institute, video marketing needs to become a priority. Zip In Media’s specialized services in finance video production are the ultimate solution, and you can regain control of your situation by arranging your free consultation today.

From inspiration to implementation, your project is in safe hands. To learn more today, give us a call on (305) 482-1285 right now.