Event Video Production

Produce Your Event Videos Right

Event videos are versatile and unique pieces of video content, both for how they look and feel and what roles they can fill. Rather than relying on scripts or storyboards to construct your content, event video production instead incorporates live, unscripted footage, combined with overlaid text and small bits of animation and effects, to tell a story that promotes your brand. Lets Talk: 305-482-1285

But whether you’re taping a conference, shooting a trade show, or simply celebrating an anniversary with a banquet, uploading a well-produced event video adds character to your website and your brand.

Got an event coming up? Let Zip In Media Productions handle the camera work. Check out this video we produced for Jewish Community Services of South Florida.

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The Building Blocks of Event Video Production

Just as your event has many moving pieces, your video of the event comes in several parts as well. When edited together seamlessly by a professional video production company, these disparate elements combine to capture the real spirit of your event.  

  • The Floor Show: The real meat and potatoes of your event. This can be a presentation, one or more speakers, a panel, a demonstration of a new product, or even live entertainment. Shots of these elements will take the lion’s share of your video’s runtime – after all, they’re what your audience is there to see.
  • The Crowd Shots: Think of this footage as the B-roll of your event. Your crowd is enjoying themselves – and you absolutely want that to show up in your video! Show them reacting to your presenters; show them arriving and leaving; show them milling around the event floor; show them eating, if there’s food. Just make sure you get your guests having a great time!
  • The Guest Interviews:These are essentially “man-on-the-street” interviews with a diverse selection of your guests, giving candid reactions to your event. These portions pair human faces with your event, and can range from simply praising the food to tradesmen talking shop about the industry. A good range of guest interviews really sells the flavor of your event by revealing just what sorts of people showed up and just how they participated in the goings-on.

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Our Production Process

The starting point for most videos is a script, a basic outline of the scenes and narration of the video. You can write this script yourself, or we can provide a script based on your direction. Some videos, such as testimonial videos, only require a list of interview questions. Whatever type of video you need, our team can help you through the planning process.
With the schedule and shot list prepared, everything is set for a successful production. Our team will arrive with all of the equipment and people needed to get great footage for your project. A video shoot can be a little intimidating, especially if you have never been part of one. We have experience in productions large and small, so you can be confident that everything will go smoothly.
Once we have all of the footage and other media for your video, we will start editing the piece. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks, depending on the length of the video and the level of animation needed. We will send you three versions of the video to review: a rough cut, fine cut, and final cut. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback at every stage of the process. After we complete the revisions, we will deliver the final video in any format you need.

So What Can Event Video Production Do For You? 

A well-produced event video can perform a surprising amount of functions within your video content library. While this list might be incomplete, here are only a few things you’ll love about event video production:

  1. A Unique Messaging Platform: So long as your event goes well, your raw video footage will be full of bright colors and smiling faces. These make an excellent backdrop against which to put forward some important messaging about your brand, either through voice-over or text on screen. Not to mention, the live-air aspect of the video prevents your content from seeming too formal or commercial.
  2. Keep the Party Going: An event video is a sure-fire way to bring viewers to your web site… Especially your guests. They’ll look for their faces in the video, and catch some of your other exciting content when they visit.
  3. B-Roll For Your B-Roll: An event video, especially shots of large groups of your guests, can serve as excellent B-roll footage in other marketing materials, either as stills or as footage proper.
  4. Internal Use: An event video doesn’t have to cater exclusively to your consumer audience. Through the magic of online video, employees who attended can relive the event, and those who couldn’t make it can catch up on what went down. Not to mention, sections of your event video content can be used in recruiting materials or training videos.

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