Custom Video Production

Why You Need Custom Video Production

There is value in hiring professionals to create your custom video production. There are endless reasons you may want to do this, from the professional to the personal. The nice thing about Zip In Media is we cater to all of your video production needs.

custom commercial miami
custom commercial Miami
Customer training videos
Customer training videos

What we can do for you:

Corporate Video Production: [Including but not limited to:] training videos, tutorials, workshops, video seminars, company profile & mission videos for corporate events like summits and conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, corporate celebrations, team building retreats, industrial/marketing videos, commercial broadcasts on TV or online, music videos, retail video displays & sales seminars.

Product video Production: let us boost your brand’s visibility and/or expand exposure to your offer with one of our custom video productions. If you’re struck on script ideas, one of our professional writers can work with you storyboarding your concept and creating a captivating script with a strong call-to-action.

Custom video production ft lauderdale
Custom video production Ft. Lauderdale
custom video production miami
custom video production Miami
Custom video productions
Custom video productions
custom commercials
custom commercials

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Why We Are Your Full Custom Video Production Solution

We can share the stats on the growth and predominance of using online video as a marketing tool and in fact we do at many pages of our site. The findings of a 2012 study by comStore concluded that user-generated video or a professionally produced “how-to” type video was twice as effective as the average 30-second TV ad. But get this:

When the user-generated video was depicted alongside the professional video, it was five times as effective as the

TV ad.

Zip In Media is staffed with a professional camera and HD camera crew, professional grips, production assistants, writers, designers and a pre-and-post production team. The way it works is you come to us with your idea and we brainstorm and come up with a storyboard and then a script. You provide creative direction and we bring your idea to life. Once creative development is complete and you greenlight the script, we begin production and then post production. We can even help you with online distribution. Once we have the raw footage complete, our design team edits your film into a cohesive narrative. This is all part of your custom video production package.

We Customize Your Video Production to Your Target Audience

Of course we tailor your production to the audience you are going after. One of our most popular projects right now is the industrial video. Your goal may be any of the following:

  • Marketing campaign: Lets potential clients learn the value of your offer.
  • Corporate: You are the CEO and you want to share your vision with your employees.
  • Fundraising: Gain capital for your favorite charity. You can also use this to capture the attention of venture capitalists with a custom video production.
  • Landmark event: Your extended family of third cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and grandchildren have flown in from far and wide to celebrate this special day. How can you not permanently record this special event, with endless customizations and enhancements to memorialize it forever?

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custom video production company
custom video production company

Whether your making a Company profile video or need a commercial for your business, we can make all your ideas come to life. Zip In Media is the Best Custom Video Production Company in Miami.