YouTube is a fantastic advertising platform for businesses in any industry. With over a billion users, YouTube serves a massive audience, including a large percentage of internet-natives who are unreachable by traditional media. If you’re not already using YouTube ads, it’s not too late to reap the benefits of a uniquely powerful and flexible advertising platform.

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The Basics of YouTube video advertising

Unlike other platforms, you don’t pay by impressions on YouTube. You only pay when viewers watch your content for 30 seconds, or until the end of your content if your ad is shorter than 30 seconds. This makes YouTube video ads a great deal when it comes to online advertising. 

A wide variety of advertising styles work very well on YouTube, allowing you to find a strategy that suits your business best. YouTube also offers great tools for targeting demographics and analyzing ad performance over time, making it easy to build a successful campaign.

How do you make a successful YouTube video ad?

On YouTube, there is a wider diversity in ad content than on most traditional advertising platforms. Making a successful ad is not as simple as following a standard format. Want to talk with an expert? Call us at 305-482-1285 to get the conversation started.

YouTube offers two main types of video advertising. 

In-stream video ads:
Your video content is played before a video. 
Skippable ads:

Viewers are allowed to skip ad content after 5 seconds. 

Un-skippable ads:

Viewers must watch the entire ad to continue to their content. These aren’t always popular, but can be a good way to capture an audience with a short, very engaging video.

Video discovery ads:

Your video content is listed on search results page or in the sidebar of the watch page.

Display locations:
  • Youtube Homepage
  • Youtube Search Results
  • Youtube Mobile Apps Homepage
  • Youtube Video Watch Page

Keep it short.

Viewers appreciate short ads that allow them to get to their main content quickly. If you present your message well in the first 5 seconds of your ad, you’ll make an impact even if a viewer skips your ad. For a memorable short ad, shoot for a length of 15 to 30 seconds.

Prioritize high quality production

YouTube is professional platform, so your ads need to meet professional quality standards. Though your video content needs to be polished, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Video production is more accessible now than it’s ever been, even for small firms. 

On the other hand, don’t rule out longer informational content.

Even informational vlogs or other long-form content can make good ads, even as in-stream ad content. YouTube is built to encourage binge watching, so if you offer a captivating concept or useful information, viewers will follow the rabbit hole into your other content.

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Use humor

Comedy is one of the largest genres on YouTube, so get creative! Try making your ad more of an opening act and less like a commercial break. An entertaining ad will be more memorable and more shareable. 

Emphasize your human side

YouTube is driven by individual creators and the personal connections they create with their fans. When designing advertising campaigns for YouTube, showcase the human side of your business. If you focus on the personal, viewers will engage more deeply with your message.

YouTube offers great opportunities for web video advertising that are really worth considering adding to your marketing strategy, no matter your industry or business size. With flexible formats and targeting available, YouTube advertising can make a difference, especially if you have a web video production company on your side.

When you work with a web video production company like Zip in Media Productions, making a YouTube advertising campaign is easy from start to finish. Here’s how it works with us:

  1. First we discuss your specific needs and determine what kinds of videos are the best fit.
  2. We produce high quality videos using our comprehensive production process.
  3. We make revisions based on your feedback to make sure your videos are exactly what you want.
  4. After revisions, the campaign is complete and ready to share with the world.
  5. We will work with you to track your results, so that you can continue to improve your marketing strategy.

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Additional Videos

Types of videos we create

Corporate Videos
Introduce your business with a custom video
Testimonial Videos
Let your satisfied customers do the talking!
Training Videos
Explain complicated processes for clients and employees
Product Videos
Help customers know your products as well as you do.
Social Media Videos
Engaging with users on all your social channels.
Web Videos
Post these short videos anywhere online.
Animated Videos
Give your message extra flair with animation.
Blog / Vlog Videos
Improve your SEO with vlogs.
HTML5 Videos
Put your clients in the driver’s seat.
Event Videos
Marketing events is tough, why not use video?
Video Tips
Highlight key topics with short Q&A style videos.
Infographic Videos
Help your clients understand processes you can’t explain with footage alone.

Industries we partner with… Lets Talk 305-482-1285

Medical Marketing Videos
We create marketing videos for all types of medical practices.
Financial Marketing Videos
Creating engaging content for sophisticated message.
Non Profit Video Marketing
Ensuring that non profits can convey there message accurately and successfully.
Tourism Video Marketing
Our team as worked with many local and national branding campaigns