Ask Mr. Culture, Logo Design

The enigmatic Mr. Culture recently stopped by our offices to sit down for a portrait. Unfortunately, due to his private nature, he spent the whole session with a cardboard box on his head. Through an elaborate system of handwritten notes and play-dough molds, I was able to create an image that captured the essence of this iconic figure. It took several iterations to refine the look to the client’s exacting standards.

Logo Design Draft

Logo Design Draft

Mr. Culture Logo

It was an interesting experience for everyone involved, and Mr. Culture was certainly pleased. He had this to say:

Zip In Media goes to eleven and beyond. No joke. These guys have that extra amplitude that allows them to kick it up an extra notch or two on the media production dial.

They’ve provided me with resources that make it incredibly easy to manage and promote my new web presence.

I’m cranked!

Cultural Advisor to the Stars, and beyond.

I certainly enjoyed the afternoon I spent with this charismatic individual, though I think he left a dead bird at our front door — a sign of respect I assume.

Zip In Media | Those Who Do | 305.482.1285 from Zip In Media Video Production on Vimeo.

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