Meet Our Team

We have an amazing team with decades of experience, incredible talent, and a passion for creative storytelling. We are excited to work with your company and help you reach your goals.

Aaron Zippin-CEO

Aaron Zippin

CEO / Creative Director
As Creative Director and Founder of Zipinmedia, Aaron has the responsibility of overseeing the creative process on all productions. As a veteran video and film producer he has had over 23 years of creating broadcast quality productions for networks, film studios, and corporations worldwide. He has a beautiful family with an amazing wife and four smart, independent, and strong daughters, of whom he coudn’t be more proud. He is very passionate about Jeeps, watching films, camping, and sunsets. He is a bit of a book worm too; Sci-Fi is his genre of choice. He also enjoys acting on stage and writing kids books. He especially enjoys utilizing his video production skills to make other people happy and most of all laugh. He looks forward to collaborating with you and your team on all your production needs.
Ezra Katz-CIO

Ezra Katz

CIO / Producer
As CIO, Producer, and a managing partner at Zipinmedia, Ezra has over 10 years of production experience with a passion for communication and design. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics and worked for several years as an educator and freelance designer before joining Zipinmedia. As a Producer, Ezra helps clients execute on their creative vision with an attention to detail and a wealth of experience in film, design, and project management.

Liat Zippin

Project Manager
Liat has been part of the Zipinmedia family since the beginning and in 2020 she formally joined the team as Project Manager. Passionate about arts education, she has taught dance, drama, and art to students of all ages. As a mom to four daughters, she has been honing her management and multi-tasking skills for over a decade, making her a great fit to assure that our creative staff has all the resources necessary for our clients’ success.