6 Reasons Your Business Should Vlog

In the world of web video, vlogs reign supreme. A vlog, or video blog, offers helpful information and personal perspectives to viewers in a short video. Though the vlogging trend was pioneered by young people who built empires in their bedrooms, companies big and small have now joined the trend. Vlogs are a great way to engage with your audience and promote your business at the same time.

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Here are 6 reasons why you should use vlogs in your marketing strategy.

  • Vlogs showcase your expertise

You know your field better than anyone else. Why not market yourself by featuring what you know? Your potential customers are already curious about your field and are searching online to learn more. With vlogs, you can provide insights your customers need while positioning yourself as a leader in your field. Vlogs offer tangible examples of the quality of your business that build trust in your brand. Written lists of credentials just can’t compare. 

  • Vlogs highlight the human side of your business

Some of the best marketing works by creating meaningful personal connections between a brand and the public. Vlogs are human-focused from start to finish. Whether a vlog features an employee explaining a technical concept or simply takes a look behind the scenes at your facility, vlogs reveal the real people behind your business. When your audience associates real people and real faces with your brand, they will be left with a personal connection with your business that will last.

  • Vlogs promote your business without feeling like marketing

In today’s ad-saturated world, many people go out of their way to avoid traditional advertising. With a great vlog, you can provide information about your specialty to potential clients, even those who usually avoid promotional content. When people find something helpful in your content, they will be much more receptive to your marketing message. This makes vlogs a great solution for reaching the ad-adverse.

  • Vlogs appeal to the growing audience for web video

More than ever, people are specifically searching for video content when they go online. If you’re not using video, you may be missing out on a whole segment of your audience that prefers video to other mediums. Vlogs are great complements for other marketing mediums. For example, it’s easy to combine vlogs with traditional text blogs to cover multiple bases at once.

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  • Vlogs thrive on social media

With their bite-size, highly visual content, vlogs are a perfect fit for social media. Videos catch attention while scrolling through newsfeeds, especially with the autoplay feature on Facebook and Twitter. Short, intriguing vlogs are very shareable, broadcasting your message even further. 

  • Vlogs give your SEO a boost

How do you secure that elusive Google pagerank? With vlogs! Google prioritizes video even in general google search, so having video content can give you leg up in the rankings. In particular, vlogs are fantastic for ranking for long-tail keywords. Also, since vlogs perform so well on social media, the jump in social media shares will also lift your pagerank. 

Not only do vlogs allow you to inform and assist your clients, but they also create an amazing opportunity to promote your business to those who are most interested in your field. Whether you’re looking to build your brand, gather new connections, or strengthen the ones you already have, vlogs could be web video solution for you!

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