5 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn Using Video

LinkedIn is called the world’s leader in professional social networking for a reason. LinkedIn has always held the crown for business to business (B2B) marketing, but in recent years, LinkedIn has become a formidable platform for business to consumer (B2C) marketing as well. So no matter your business model, curating an engaging LinkedIn presence is critical.

But how do you make your brand stand out? Use video!

Video is an attention grabbing medium on any social medium platform, but on LinkedIn, the benefits of video are even greater. Since video is not as widespread on LinkedIn as it is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, using video will set your company apart.

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Here are 5 ways you can use video to make an impact on LinkedIn.

Bring your experience to life on your personal profile

Try adding a video to your summary to show rather than tell what you’re all about. Relevant videos can also be added in your position descriptions to offer another way for people to learn about you. If you go the extra mile with video, your profile will be way more memorable, helping you build stronger connections.

Emphasize your expertise with videos in your publisher posts

Video will give your publisher posts a nice touch that many other posts don’t have. Linkedin Publisher is also a great opportunity for cross posting. If you’re using vlogs on your website or on YouTube, adapt them into LinkedIn Publisher posts for extra exposure.

Not using vlogs yet? Check out our post about why vlogs are so great for business.

Set your company page apart with video

Whether you want to make business contacts, recruit new talent, or promote your brand with consumers, using video on your company page can make a real difference. Video builds the personal and emotional connections that make business contacts that last.

For example: Consider a doctor’s office called Watson & Dolittle. Dr. Watson and Dr. Dolittle want to improve their LinkedIn company profile. They decide to add a video tour of the office and short interviews of staff members to their company profile to help market their brand. These videos help them connect with future healthcare partners and promising new talent, as well as potential clients from all backgrounds.

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Post engaging video updates

Regular updates keep your company in the minds of your connections, whether they are businesses or consumers. Video is amazing for engagement and building awareness, especially on Linkedin. By adding video to your posts, the memory of your business will be more likely to stick.

Make display ads with an impact

Using videos for display ads can be a innovative way to get attention. When someone clicks on your ad on LinkedIn, the video fills up the entire window, making video ads difficult to ignore. Since video is not common on LinkedIn, especially in display ad content, your ads will make a big impact.

Whether you need to generate leads, make contacts, or just raise awareness for your brand, LinkedIn is a critical platform for promoting your business. And since digital video hasn’t quite taken over LinkedIn yet, now is the perfect time for your business to get ahead of the curve.

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  4. Then your campaign is ready to debut.
  5. We will help you track your results so that you can keep improving your marketing strategy over time.

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Types of videos we create | Lets Discuss 305.482.1285

Corporate Videos
Introduce your business with a custom video
Testimonial Videos
Let your satisfied customers do the talking!
Training Videos
Explain complicated processes for clients and employees
Product Videos
Help customers know your products as well as you do.
Social Media Videos
Engaging with users on all your social channels.
Web Videos
Post these short videos anywhere online.
Animated Videos
Give your message extra flair with animation.
Blog / Vlog Videos
Improve your SEO with vlogs.
HTML5 Videos
Put your clients in the driver’s seat.
Event Videos
Marketing events is tough, why not use video?
Video Tips
Highlight key topics with short Q&A style videos.
Infographic Videos
Help your clients understand processes you can’t explain with footage alone.

Industries We Collaborate with | Lets Talk 305-482-1285

Medical Marketing Videos
We create marketing videos for all types of medical practices.
Financial Marketing Videos
Creating engaging content for sophisticated message.
Non Profit Video Marketing
Ensuring that non profits can convey there message accurately and successfully.
Tourism Video Marketing
Our team as worked with many local and national branding campaigns