5 Video Marketing Ideas for Accounting Firms

What do people usually think when they think accounting firms? Stuffy, logical people sitting quietly at desks crunching numbers. With accounting’s dated, “uncool” impression in the minds of most of the public, accounting firms have quite a challenge in front of them when it comes to marketing.

To break through the stereotypes of accounting firms, video marketing is great. Video is naturally charming, and can help you show off your true personality and all the real people behind your business.

Video is great to bring complicated topics to life.

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Here are 5 video marketing ideas for accounting firms

1. Polish your Brand with Company video

With a company video, you can make a professional yet personal first impression. Feature interviews of staff and feel free to brag a little about the results you get for your clients. For building your company brand/identity, a great company video can do the trick. Case Study – Kaufman Rossin Rebrand Launch Video

We made this launch video for Kaufman Rossin’s rebranding campaign. Video offers the personal connection that makes new branding stick more than any other media.

2. Be a SEO Superstar with Informational Vlogs

Vlog videos are perfect for SEO, allowing you to target long tail, specific keywords with videos explaining accounting topics. People are searching for help on taxes, business planning, and investments and with a vlog video, you can reach that audience and spread your marketing message.

Want to learn more about vlogs? Here are 6 reasons why your business should vlog.Case Study – Kaufman Rossin – Business Insights: Fraud & Internal Controls

3. Prove your Results with a Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are very powerful for closing, helping prospective clients commit. A testimonial bring your results to life, and allows viewers to imagine what it would be like to be your client. Case Study – Kaufman Rossin – Tom Thumb Testimonial

We made this testimonial for Kaufman Rossin, explaining what Kaufman Rossin has done for Tom Thumb. [Why it’s cool]

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4. Give a Teaser with a Micro Moment Video

Case Study – Kaufman Rossin –

KR – Fraud Prevention Tip – Separation of Duties – Final – Micro Moment

KR – Best Tip for Estate Planning – Don’t wait – Final Cut – Micro Moment

5. Get the word out with an event video

Event videos are great for humanizing your company. Event videos on social media will help get the message out fast before and after the event passes.

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