5 Reasons why a commercial video production is key for 2020

Commercial Video Production in 2020

It’s 2019. You know that your business’s internet presence needs to be targeted, memorable, and effective for you to succeed. If you’ve spent any time on social media, you also know that video ads are all the rage. You’re beginning to wonder if you might be ready to try your hand at some video advertisement of your own. To make the most of it, you’re ready to delve into commercial video production.

But as day-to-day management of your business carries on, it may be hard to find the time and effort to fully plan out your business’ video ad. You may be tempted to skip all those pesky pre-production steps and jump right in…

Stop! Effective video advertisement takes time and effort. Without an effective video pre-production process, you run the risk of wasting your time and money or, worse, diminishing your business’s reputation. Don’t believe us? Here’s five reasons why you need a commercial video production plan for your business in 2020.

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Here are 5 reasons commercial video production planning is vital for your business.

Show customers what you got: a well-planned video makes for brand awareness.

By following effective pre-production steps—planning out narration and visuals and deciding what to let shine—you give your business an effective way to increase brand awareness.

Each day, more and more people use their computers, tablets, and phones to browse the web and keep up with friends on social media.  Your business needs to be where the visitors are! If you haven’t perfected your online presence yet, 2020 is the time to start!

Zip in Media takes pride on the attention we pay to our clients during the video pre-production process. We work with you to plan and execute video advertisement that will increase brand awareness for your business.

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Properly present your busines’s story with pre-production planning.

Videos go far beyond just product awareness. They are also the perfect way to tell your business’ unique story—and you want that story to shine! Consumers love knowing the story behind the products they buy and places they visit. Video does an excellent job of communicating the history of your business, if care is taken to plan your product!

By taking the proper pre-production steps before filming your video ad, you can ensure that your story not only reaches the ears of your soon-to-be customers, but communicates to them the heart and soul of your business.

 Video pre-production plans help you hone in on your targeted audience.

Trying to reach millennials shopping for clothes online? There’s a custom-made video pre-production plan template for that. Trying to reach baby boomers who love travel? There’s a process for that, too. Planning your video ad lets you focus in on what you really want to say–and how. Zip in Media works with you to hone in on your target audience and deliver an effective message.

Gain credibility with professional video advertisement.

Consumers respect quality—and they can spot a shoddily-made video ad a mile off. By presenting your target audiences with a professional, well-crafted video, you’ll prove your business is legitimate–and serious about quality in all areas.

Effective video pre-production processes help your business show, not tell.

As you already know, few customers are won over when they feel forced. “Telling” would-be customers about the merits of your product puts the pressure on them. “Showing” them, however, is a pressure-free way to demonstrate how awesome your offering is—and how much they’ll be missing if they pass it up. Video is a great way to “show” people what you have to offer!

If you effectively plan a video advertisement, you can set yourself up for success by guiding customers in—not scaring them out with pushy tactics.

Are you ready to invest in video advertisement?

Don’t skip out on your commercial video production plan! Without a template to follow, your video runs the risk of looking sloppy. When it comes to video, consumers know quality. Having well-made video advertisement lends your business credibility—and increases the likelihood that you’ll reel them in as new customers.

Making a quality video commercial is easy with the proper video pre-production steps.  We at Zip in Media work with you to create a professional video ad for your business. Give us a call at 305-482-1285 to start the process of planning, filming, and perfecting your commercial video production!

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