4 Ways Video Marketing Works for Hospitals

Now that everyone and their grandmother is spending more time online than ever, hospitals need to go digital to really connect with patients. Video marketing is great tool for businesses in all sorts of industries, but for hospitals in particular, video marketing offers some impressive benefits.

Video content is uniquely designed to build human connections in an engaging way, making it an important addition to the marketing plan of any health care business.

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Here are 4 ways video marketing really works for hospitals.

1) Bring your results to life

With testimonials, you can show authentic proof of the good you do for your patients. Video testimonials are incredibly powerful, and can turn a patient from a maybe into a yes. Don’t just say you help patients, show real success stories.

Testimonial Video Case Study:

Here’s a testimonial video we made for the Jackson Health System to promote their weight loss surgery options. We focus on the real life stories of the patients and their path to wellness. After watching this video, a future patient will have a much stronger sense of the positive impact Jackson Health could make their lives.

2) Make complex health concepts easy to understand

More and more, people are turning to the internet for health information. So, offering health tips on your website or social media is a great way to connect with patients and boost trust in your brand. Video is perfect for translating intricate medical concepts and insurance information into an engaging format that people will actually watch.

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3) Introduce patients to your facility

With a video tour, your patients can be familiar with your facility before they even walk in the door. You can also use a video tour to emphasize new technology or recent renovations, reassuring patients that you’re on the cutting edge. Patients are looking for hospitals that are safe, clean, and friendly, and you can show all of that with a high quality video tour.

Facility Tour Video Case Study (See Right)

Here’s a great example of what a facility tour video can look like. We made this video for Jackson South Community Hospital. Notice how we bring their space and new technology front and center.

4) Humanize your brand

Many people have negative associations with going to the hospital. This is natural, but those fears and anxieties can make connecting with patients difficult. Videos are great for emphasizing authentic compassion, which will help current and future patients be more receptive to your message. A positive and heartwarming video can do wonders to help patients feel more comfortable.

Whether you want to build trust in your brand or connect with patients, video is a great marketing tool. Hospitals always need to be on the cutting edge of technology in the operating room. But don’t leave your marketing behind! Embrace the digital wave and get started with web video marketing today.

When you work with a web video production company like Zip in Media Productions, making a video advertising campaign for your health care business is easy from start to finish. Here’s how it works with us:

  1. First we work with you to determine what kinds of videos are the best fit for your needs.
  2. We get to work producing your high quality video content.
  3. We ask you for your feedback on the content, and we make revisions to make sure your videos are exactly what you want.
  4. Once edits have been made, the campaign is complete and ready to share with the world.
  5. To help you continue to improve your marketing strategy, we will work with you to track your results and analyze how your videos perform..

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