4 Video Marketing Ideas

Everyone needs a break every once and awhile. We’re only human after all. When it’s time to lay back and relax, the tourism industry is there to turn our vacation dreams into reality.

But as a tourism business, how do you get customers dreaming about the perfect vacation to actually commit? You have to paint a irresistible picture backed up by vivid facts. Video marketing can do all of that (and even more).

Here are our top 4 video ideas for tourism industry marketing.

Testimonial Videos

Online reviews are the most important platform for a tourism business. A testimonial video is a supercharged review, allowing you to showcase great customer experiences by bringing them front and center. Video testimonials also build trust in your brand, which will help convince customers that are still on the fence.

Video tours

With a video tour, you can bring the experience of your business to life. Don’t just list amenities and features, showcase them with a vivid, high quality video. Video tours allow you to walk a potential customer through their future experience, and make their dream seem more like a reality they can actually experience.

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Social Media Videos

Many people dream about the perfect vacation while scrolling through their social media feeds. So, as a tourism business, you need a consistent social media presence that is engaging with captivating visuals. Videos are some of the best performing content on social media, so focusing on social media videos can give your marketing a huge boost.

How is your social media presence? Video ads can make a big impact. Check out our tips for video ads on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more information.

Corporate Videos

What big ideas do customers associate with your brand? Video is a great way to strengthen your company’s brand identity. With a corporate video, you can show customers who you are, what your values are as a company, and why customers should choose you over other options.

If you’re in the tourism industry, consider adding video to your marketing plan. Whether you go with a testimonial video, video tour, social media video, or corporate video, videos will bring the persuasive visual power that you need to turn vacation dreamers into your next customers.

Partnering with Zip in Media Productions makes building a video marketing campaign easy. Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. We discuss your needs, and determine what kind of video content would suit your business best.
  2. Using our 3 step production process, we create professional high quality videos.
  3. You’ll have multiple opportunities throughout the development to give us feedback. We’ll make revisions to ensure your videos are exactly what you need.
  4. Then your videos are ready to be shared with the world.
  5. And we don’t stop there. We’ll help you track your analytics to see how your videos perform, so that you can keep improving your marketing strategy.

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