3 Ways the Education Industry can Improve Reach with Video Marketing

Organizations in the education industry have their work cut out for them when it comes to marketing. Some people love school, others avoid it like the plague. Some people undervalue the power of education, others have been discouraged and given up on their educational dreams. To cut through all of the misconceptions, you need to think carefully about how best to promote your message.

For engaging your audience, video is one of the best marketing tools out there. Video makes a living impression that lasts. For the education industry, adding video can attract more attention on your website or social media than text or photos alone.

Stumped about how to advertise your educational institute? Video Marketing is the answer you're looking for.

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Here are 3 reasons why video marketing is a great fit for the education industry.

1. Video shows the real people behind your organization

With corporate video, you can paint a captivating picture of what your organization is really about. By showcasing successful students and knowledgeable staff in a corporate video, you can help prospective students imagine what being part of your program would really be like. After seeing success stories, students will feel more confident that your program will provide the training and support they need to be successful.

Case Study – Corporate Video – Intensive English Program at the University of Miami

Here is the video we made for the 65th anniversary of the University of Miami’s Intensive English program. We used student testimonials, staff interviews, and footage of their program in action to create a comprehensive video overview of what makes the University of Miami’s program so special.

Your Turn: What makes your organization special? Who are your successful students?

People can't take their eyes off of social media, even during class. So promote your business where your audience is, on their phones!
2. Video supercharges your social network

In the education industry, social media is critical. Videos are some of the highest performing social media content and are perfect for building awareness of your emotional brand. Use short, highly visual videos for the biggest impact.

Case Study – Social Media Video – Division of Continuing & International Education at the University of Miami

Here’s a short video we made for the Project Management Professional Certification Program at the University of Miami. We packaged the essential message about the program in a small, social-media ready package to intrigue viewers and encourage them to learn more

Your Turn: If you only had 30 seconds to tell your story, what “snapshot” would you pick? Which social media platforms are your prospective students or clients using?

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3. Video is perfect for promoting events and new developments. 

Since video is so engaging, it’s great for getting the word out about your next fundraiser. Videos easily communicate the heartwarming stories that make for powerful fundraising videos. Showing footage of a similar past event can help viewers imagine what the experience of your upcoming event would be like, encouraging them to learn more.

Case Study – Fundraising Video – CARTA Scholarship at Florida International University

In this fundraising video, we showcase successful CARTA scholarship recipients to emphasize the emotional mission of the organization, while giving an overview of what the program does for students.

Your Turn: What events or fundraisers are coming up in your organization’s calendar?

Video marketing offers unique opportunities for the education industry to connect using real stories that will reach all people, no matter how they feel about school. Still have questions about video marketing? Our team has almost a decade of video marketing experience. We’d be happy to stay after class!

No need for complex calculations, video marketing is a perfect fit for promoting your educational business.

You don’t need to be video expert to use video marketing for your business. Zip in Media Productions makes building a video marketing campaign simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. We talk with you about your unique needs to determine exactly what kind of video content would suit you best.

  2. We create high quality video content with our 3 step production process.

  3. Several points in the process, you’ll have the opportunity to give us feedback. We’ll make revisions to ensure your videos are exactly what you’re looking for.

  4. Then, your videos are ready for the spotlight!

  5. After your videos have been posted, we’ll help you analyze how your videos perform, so that you can keep improving your marketing strategy.

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Types of videos we create | Lets Discuss 305.482.1285

Corporate Videos
Introduce your business with a custom video
Testimonial Videos
Let your satisfied customers do the talking!
Training Videos
Explain complicated processes for clients and employees
Product Videos
Help customers know your products as well as you do.
Social Media Videos
Engaging with users on all your social channels.
Web Videos
Post these short videos anywhere online.
Animated Videos
Give your message extra flair with animation.
Blog / Vlog Videos
Improve your SEO with vlogs.
HTML5 Videos
Put your clients in the driver’s seat.
Event Videos
Marketing events is tough, why not use video?
Video Tips
Highlight key topics with short Q&A style videos.
Infographic Videos
Help your clients understand processes you can’t explain with footage alone.

Industries We Collaborate with | Lets Talk 305-482-1285

Medical Marketing Videos
We create marketing videos for all types of medical practices.
Financial Marketing Videos
Creating engaging content for sophisticated message.
Non Profit Video Marketing
Ensuring that non profits can convey there message accurately and successfully.
Tourism Video Marketing
Our team as worked with many local and national branding campaigns