Top 10 Reasons Why Video Blows Other Media out of the Water

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with video, you can have both! Video is far outperforming traditional forms of media online, and for good reason. Here are some ways in which video reigns supreme over other media when it comes to the web.

1. Video can communicate without words

One of the greatest advantages of online video marketing is you don’t always need words to send your message. Video can convey images and situations that do the describing for you. This creates a sensory experience for your audience that written media can’t match.

2. Video is easier to consume

Video is more condensed, giving it the advantage of being processed more quickly over other media. Images in a video can be narrated or explained at the same time they are show. Other media can’t simultaneously display images and their explanations, giving video an advantage that is crucial in this age of fast-paced consumption.

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3. Video has heart

The ability for video to convey stories without words creates an emotional connection between the video and its audience. The combination of images, words and music creates an atmosphere and sense of place that written media and infographics can’t replicate.

4. Video is more memorable

Video can get stuck in your head, and that’s a big plus! People remember video marketing content more readily and vividly than messages in other media, such as written words. The combination of images and sounds can create a long-lasting impression in the mind of the consumer. If you’re looking to make your business or brand memorable, video is the way to go!

5. Video SEO can’t be beat

From pageviews to engagement to inbound links, video does wonders for search rankings that other media can’t match. Video is a surefire way to generate more engagement and climb up search pages. For example, if you choose to build brand awareness with video, it can double as marketing as it builds inbound links throughout the web. There is no better form of media for generating inbound links than video!

6. Video is all the rage

Online video is dominating internet traffic, and it will only grow larger as video technology and the platforms that support it improve. Video ensures your business is on-trend and reaching a wider audience than, say, an email campaign.e likely to stick.

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7. Video contains all other media

Video can contain all other media in it! Words, images, sound and animation can all fit into a single video, creating a well-rounded experience for your customers. This is the ‘it’ factor of video that will captivate your audience.

8. Video can target specific groups of people like women, men, and age groups.

Video analytics and targeting are getting more and more accurate, allowing you to target your desired audience with ever-increasing ease! Targeting your video will ensure it reaches the right audience across the web much more reliably than any print ad or radio broadcast would.pact.

9. Video content can be recycled

Whether you want to reuse it across social media platforms or for a later campaign, video lends itself well to being recycled. Reusing video content for the same topic creates more opportunities to target a keyword. Reusing video across social media and video platforms help reach a new audience. With a little editing, longer videos can be repurposed into bite-sized social media clips and reused themselves! Video is unique in how well it lends itself to reuse.

10. Video can be cost-effective

Video production costs have never been lower, and if used right, online video marketing campaigns are memorable, long-lasting and can be easily reused for other campaigns. All of the benefits of video combine to lower your cost per acquisition, ultimately making video cost-effective.

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