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Zip In Media creates high quality video marketing for its clients in South Florida and around the world.

We are your Miami Video Marketing Experts

How can you get the most from your marketing dollar with our Miami Video Production Experts? Whether your goal is to convince a customer to make an online purchase or to communicate a company policy internally, video provides an efficient and flexible solution for presenting your message. 

Our Projects Start at $1800.00 for small businesses. (2 hour Production, Single Camera, 30-40 min interview with you the owner, Footage of your small business. Single Location, 1 Min Final Piece including your Logo, Interview, Footage from your store, simple transitions) – Overtime $250 per hour

If your company is not using video as part of its overall marketing strategy, then you are missing out on a proven marketing method.

Simple yet powerful, our video marketing services will take your business to the next level.

Video helps you reach the maximum audience with the minimum investment. The possibilities of online video are endless, making video a great option for any kind of business.

Video Production is more accessible than ever, and the tools for distributing videos online get faster and easier to use every day. Zip In Media provides a complete video marketing solution for businesses in Miami and all over the world.

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Our team is not only skilled in creating high quality video. We also provide the technical know-how and marketing expertise to get your video noticed, ensuring that you get the best return for your investment. 

Since 2009, we have produced creative and compelling video productions for many local institutions and international brands.

Our local clients include:

  • Jewish Community Services of South Florida
  • Chapman Partnership
  • City National Bank

Our international clients include:

  • Kaufman Rossin
  • Daimer Industries 
  • Quantum Storage

Continue viewing some of our work at our Portfolio.


Types of videos we produce…

Corporate Videos
Introduce your business with a custom video
Testimonial Videos
Let your satisfied customers do the talking!
Training Videos
Explain complicated processes for clients and employees
Product Videos
Help customers know your products as well as you do.
Social Media Videos
Engaging with users on all your social channels.
Web Videos
Post these short videos anywhere online.
Animated Videos
Give your message extra flair with animation.
Blog / Vlog Videos
Improve your SEO with vlogs.
HTML5 Videos
Put your clients in the driver’s seat.
Event Videos
Marketing events is tough, why not use video?
Video Tips
Highlight key topics with short Q&A style videos.
Infographic Videos
Help your clients understand processes you can’t explain with footage alone.

Industries we partner with…

Medical Marketing Videos
We create marketing videos for all types of medical practices.
Financial Marketing Videos
Creating engaging content for sophisticated message.
Non Profit Video Marketing
Ensuring that non profits can convey there message accurately and successfully.
Tourism Video Marketing
Our team as worked with many local and national branding campaigns

Content Driven Marketing, Proven Results.

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Video Marketing Explained
Target Audience
Who's your target audience? Why are they receiving this message? How are your measuring it? Whats your Goals?
Creating A Video Marketing Plan
TrueView allows you to target multiple demographics, Geo-Targeted Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow. Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow.
Manage Your Marketing
We leverage free and paid tools and give you recommendations on the types of reports that would be best for your goals.
Marketing Channels Strategies
Creating a marketing channel strategy, will allow us to help you repurpose our video content by slightly updating the message.
Video Marketing Distribution
After planning its time to send out our message and see how it performs on all channels: Facebook, Youtube, Email, Website...
Create Video Library
Its now time to select the types of videos we will need to make our plan a reality: Corporate video, Testimonials, and more.
Review, Revise, Repeat
Based on the results of the campaigns we will help you review, revise, and repeat the video marketing plan.
Details for Each Topic
Where are your people
  • B2B / B2C
  • Local / National
  • Men / Women
  • Lifestyle / Devices
Create a Plan
  • Overall Objectives
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Key Metrics to measure
  • How are you measure the results now
  • Create segmentations
  • Select Marketing Channels
Management Tools
  • Building Reports
  • CRM (Zoho)
  • Google Products
  • Vimeo
Video Marketing for all
  • Website/ Landing Pages
  • Social Media Video Marketing
  • SEO Video Marketing
  • Vlog Video Marketing
Publishing Your Message
  • Youtube / Adwords / TrueView Ads
  • Facebook Ads / Social Outlets
  • LinkedIn Publications
  • SEO / Websites
  • Local listings / TV Advertising
Types of Videos Create
  • Commercial Video Production
  • Product Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
Reviewing the Campaigns
  • Review the Likes/Shares
  • Review reports
  • Create new ideas based on results
  • Create new plan of action
Why you need video
Video Explanation
Define your clients
Everyone needs a plan
How we leverage Technology
Video Marketing by Channel
Video Marketing Distribution
We Create Your Video Content
Review. Revise. Remarketing

Our Miami Video Production Services are Superior.

Video and film production companies rely on Zip In Media Productions for all of their Miami video production needs. Our company features professional camera operators, HD shooters, professional grips, production assistants, assistant camera operators, and more. Let Zip In Media productions outfit you with our quality staff of professionals for your next South Florida video production whether it be for corporate video clients or for corporate events.

Online Video Advertising

Online video provides an unprecedented opportunity for companies to deliver dynamic, up-to-date, and targeted messaging to their customers. Learn more about our Custom Video services and the benefits of online video marketing.


Training Videos

Is your IT department swamped with simple requests? How much does your company spend on training and support?

Every hour spent teaching a customer how to use a new product is an hour that could be spent improving your service or attracting new customers. Learn more about incorporating video into your training and support services.

Learn more about our other video services:

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Value of a Video Production Company in Miami

We will help you review your current marketing efforts and create a new plan of actionWe only work with a small number of companies at a time to ensure we always provide excellent service for our clients

We will help you define your marketing goals, determine the right stats to watch, and analyze your results. We also leverage CRM and Project manager tools to keep our projects on track.

Custom Content Driven Marketing

Our simple content approach to marketing allows us to give your clients what they need, when they need it.

We are the #1 Miami Video Production Company in South Florida.

We have our own equipment and editing seats suites in-house. Since we produce all of our own content, we can make variations of every video to suit a variety of marketing channels, allowing us to test alternative strategies and see what best suits your audience. 

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Our Video Agency

We can help your business promote your:

  • Blog Posts
  • Promotional Videos
  • Web Design
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Miami Media Buying/Distribution
  • PR Media Productions
  • Media Production Company