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Every organization needs a local South Florida video production Company. In a world overwhelmed by content, video can draw attention and help viewers digest information.

But not all video production is created equal. 

Zipinmedia is Florida’s most trusted video production company. We provide professional video production and editing services, giving you a partner to turn your video ideas into beautifully crafted media ready to be used for your marketing, advertising, branding, engagement, training, or other needs.

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Zipinmedia South Florida Video Production Company
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What We Offer at our South Florida Video Production Company

For over 10 years, Zipinmedia has produced videos for organizations both large and small. We are experienced, with a team that undergoes frequent training and reinvests in technology to help us serve our customers better each and every year. Our focus is on creating video that captures attention – video that is as professional and engaging as you are. Whether you’re in MiamiFort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, we are the solution for you. 

It is because of our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction that we have been one of the fastest growing video development companies in the region, and have been able to offer a full range of different types of services to meet the needs of your organization.

Everything we offer is competitively priced and tailored to your company’s specific needs. It is because of these different services that we have partnered with everyone from small mom and pop stores to Fortune 500 companies, providing excellent value no matter the size of your organization. All of our video production services are also available with a fast turnaround time and our top tier service.

South Florida Video Production Examples

Types of Videos - Examples of Videos We Create

South Florida Video Production Costs, Pricing, and Packages.

2 Min Small Business Package

$ 2,400 00
This Package is for small and medium local businesses, looking for a simple single interview with the owner, we will also capture b-roll of the location.
  • Up to 2 min
  • 4 Hour Production
  • Single Camera & Crew Member
  • Simple Editing | Interview Style
  • 4 Interviews & B-roll
  • Single Location

1 Min Small Business Package

$ 1,800 00
This Package is for small and medium local businesses, looking for a simple single interview with the owner, we will also capture b-roll of the location.
  • Up to 1 min
  • 2 Hour Production
  • Single Camera & Crew Member
  • Simple Editing | Interview Style
  • Single Location

3 Min Small Business Package

$ 3,200 00
  • Up to 3 min
  • This is a tooltip
  • 6 Hour Production
  • This is a tooltip
  • Single Camera & Crew Member
  • This is a tooltip
  • Simple Editing | Interview Style
  • This is a tooltip
  • 2 Locations
  • This is a tooltip
  • Teleprompter
  • This is a tooltip
  • 6 Interviews & B-roll
  • This is a tooltip

South Florida Video Production - Serving Florida and the Rest of the United States

Zipinmedia is based in Miami. When we started our company, we primarily focused on the local area, providing video production for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, and throughout the South Florida region.

We have since grown, developing an efficient process for handling requests throughout Florida (with clients in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and the surrounding cities), and even in other states. We have been vetting videographers in states like California, New York, Georgia, and several others, so that even when you’re located far from the Miami and South Florida region, Zipinmedia can still be there to serve your needs.

Our local clients make it possible to produce even more videos. For our clients in the South Florida region looking for a video production company near you, we can provide several in-person shots at a moment’s notice, sending our team to your event or establishment to film people or businesses. 

But no matter where you’re located, Zipinmedia has the tools and team that is ready to help. All you need to do is give us a call. 

Why Our Clients Love Us

Any company can produce videos. But Zipinmedia goes further. Every member of our team combines the three talents needed to help video thrive:

  • Technical Ability
  • Commitment to Artistry/Narrative
  • Organized and Thorough

The key to creating the most effective videos lies in the ability of our production team to look at each project from all angles.

  • What’s the goal?
  • What will the audience see?
  • How does this reflect upon the company?

These questions and more are at the heart of our process. It’s why our clients trust us not only to deliver them an excellent final product but also to make sure that they can be as involved as they want to be with the production process.

How We Approach Video Production

Time is so valuable. As a company, your investment in video production is not just about creating outstanding videos, but also trusting our experience and process to help you from beginning to end. We invite your involvement whenever you’d like to play a role in production, but also have the ability to handle the entirety of the project all on our own. All we need to know is your goals.

About Our Video Production Process

The success of each video lies in the process used to create it. It’s here where your experience with Zipinmedia will become even more noticeable. Our three-step approach, with an optional fourth step, is the reason why our customers are able to find success with our company.

  • Pre-Production – Pre-production is a critical step for creating video, and occurs long before even the first second of footage is shot. Here is where we provide a plan – the storyline, script, narrative, angle – anything that your video is going to need to be completed. We coordinate with venues, schedule actors and makeup artists, and determine graphics; we gladly accept your input with any part of this process, or we can handle it all ourselves allowing you to focus on your own company’s needs.
  • Filming and Production – Only when every component is in place can we start filming. Here is where we put all of that planning into action. With many different types of video, the process to create it varies. Yet we walk into every project we undertake with a shot list, a plan in hand, a script or questions, and multiple cameras to make sure that nothing is missed.
  • Post-Production – The footage that we collect is often messy on its own. But when it’s put together, along with color corrections, graphics, animations, and other film tools, it becomes something incredible. Zipinmedia is transparent with our process, keeping you informed and involved throughout the way. We start with a rough cut, move towards a fine cut, and then eventually give you the final cut within 3 to 4 weeks for most projects. Through it all, you’ll have a chance to provide input or check up on us using your dedicated project management portal.
  • Post-Post-Production – When we call ourselves a “full service” video production company, we mean it. We show you this by offering additional services even after your video has been completed. If you need help with marketing the video, managing analytics, determining success rate, creating a plan for future releases, and writing up content for your website or YouTube – our team has substantial video and website marketing experience, capable of delivering results.

We look at our team as an extension of your company. We’re a partner, here to guide each step of the video production process so that your final design is exactly as you envisioned it – and better. We take what you need and create something that represents your company as well as you do.

Our Clients Depend On Us For

Miami Video Production Industries we Serve

Industries We Serve - Video Production for Healthcare, Finance, Tourism, and More

After over 10 years of video development, our team has adapted to work with essentially any industry on any type of video. We’re here for you, whether you’re a single person creating a video for a new website or a massive international organization that needs multiple videos on complex topics in limited time. We’ve developed our services to address any type of video, for a wide spectrum of industries. Some examples of these types of videos include:

  • Medical Video Production
  • Financial Services Video Production
  • Factory and Industrial Video Production
  • Video Production for Education and Training
  • Legal Video Production
  • Marketing Video Production
  • Tech Services and Startup Video Production
  • Non Profit Video Production
  • Hotel Video Production / Hospitality
  • Live Streaming Video Service
  • Home Services Video Production
  • Small Business Video Production
  • eCommerce Video Production

We’ve developed eCommerce videos used on Amazon and other websites. We’ve created testimonial videos for accountants and real estate. We’ve worked with hospitals, synagogues, lawyers, restaurants, convention organizers, and even other marketing firms, each time creating a video that is customized to their needs.

Contract Services and Partnerships

We are happy to take on any one time project you may have. But we’re also pleased to be able to offer contracts to those organizations that expect to require long term video development.

Most of our clients have found that with our monthly contracts, they get even better rates on their video production, stay up to date on their schedules, and continue to see long term results because of their commitment.

If you expect to require more than one video, we encourage you to ask us about these agreements and learn more about how beneficial they can be for your long term production needs.

About Zipinmedia - Videography, Production, and You

Zipinmedia, a Miami video production company, is here to give you something more. Every team member, every service, every piece of technology – we believe it is so important to treat each customer and each video as though it is our only one, focused on giving you a level of service you’d expect from a partner in your success.

Our Videographers

It starts with our videographers. We have a talented team that combines artistry with the vision to see how all of the video will come together. Each videographer we have continues to undergo advanced training and find new ways to hone their skills in order to deliver the best possible footage for us to use in the final video.

Our videographers also have the interpersonal skills to help your production thrive. Many videos require us to speak with an employee or customer – someone that may not be experienced with talking on camera. They will work hard to put the subject’s mind at ease and help them feel comfortable enough to deliver the best possible results.

Our Editors

Our video editors employ the same dedication to the final product. Each one of them takes their time, focusing solely on your work and reviewing all available footage to see what will work best.

They are also great with narrative, and know how to determine what other elements – such as B-roll, music, graphics, and other imagery – will help to put together a final video that matches what you envisioned and is capable of delivering the results you were hoping for.

Our Management Team

Our management team is currently lead by Aaron, Brian, and Ezra. You’ll get to know them throughout the process of creating your video. That’s because they are directly involved in video production, working on pre-production, organizing with videographers, and reviewing the final videos.

We consider everyone at Zipinmedia to be a part of the team, focused only on producing a final video that always matches the needs of your business. You can learn more about our management team by visiting our about page.

Our Costs

We know that budget is an issue for many companies. Rest assured, through our efficient use of videography and comprehensive production plan, our costs are highly competitive, with prices that are designed to allow for frequent use of video without a substantial out of pocket investment. You can review our prices page, but we also encourage you to contact us and we can always provide a free quote and more information about our services.

We’re Here to Help – Contact Zipinmedia Today 

Every business needs video, and because of the specific knowledge, time, and experience that goes into a professional video, every company needs a video production company. Trusted since 2009, Zipinmedia provides comprehensive video production services throughout South Florida, and would love an opportunity to show you what we can do.

You can explore our site and see more about our products and services. But we also encourage you to contact us today at (305) 482-1285 or via our online form, because we know you’re going to have questions, and we’d love an opportunity to talk to you about how our video will help your business thrive. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simple and Powerful Video that Makes an Impact with the Viewer

Every video has a message. Sometimes, those messages are light hearted and broad, such as “this conference was amazing” or “this company can help you with your needs.” Sometimes, that message is heavier and more specific, linking products to a better quality of life or connecting with a viewer during a training course.

We believe it is important for us to make sure that message has impact. Every step in our production process is aimed at determining the best way to reach a viewer, grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged until even after the video is over. Every step in our process is designed for this purpose, and our final videos speak for themselves.

Our Client List

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Whether you’re creating a commercial, promotional video, or documentary, Zipinmeda, the #1 South Florida Video Production Company, is the perfect partner for your next video production. Our experienced in-house team customizes each project to our clients needs by providing high quality visuals and audio equipment, as well as a knowledgeable staff that can help bring your vision to life. We understand the importance of staying on budget and timeline while producing a final product that exceeds expectations. With us, you will get the results you want in no time!


South Florida Video Production Reviews

South Florida Video Production FAQs

$1800.00 for a 45 sec video which includes a 2 hour production.

Yes, we can help large and small companies develop their branding, using video.

Yes, we have a wide variety of post production services which include graphics, voice over, animation, motion graphics, and more...

Yes. We will provide the crew, equipment, and editing all within our production house.

Typically we turnaround projects within 3- 4 weeks. If you have more urgent needs, we can make exceptions. Just talk to us about the deadlines and we will work backwards from the due date to meet your timeline.