Web video production has grown in popularity a great deal over the last few years and opens up a whole new way to market your company with professional production quality.

Web video production is very different than the type of video production used in a movie although quality is still key to get an effective advertisement and showcase what you’re all about. These short web videos can be posted anywhere online, whether it’s your official website or you share it on social media. Because every business strives to get new customers and make more sales, a good marketing strategy is the key to success. This form of video production actually gives the little guys a chance to compete with major companies who can afford to spend millions on advertising.

The Power of Online Video

Online video has a power that is really unmatched and it’s only growing. Consider this: the average person visits a website for only 48 seconds. If the website has video, that visit grows to 5 minutes and 50 seconds, on average. Online video is 5.33 times more effective than text alone and YouTube, the most popular video sharing website, has 48 hours of content uploaded every minute with more than 3 billion videos every day.

Web video production isn’t nearly as expensive as most people expect, although it still delivers the quality you need with a powerful script, the right shooting equipment, proper lighting and sound and the perfect length to keep the attention of your viewers. Professional video production leaves a good impression while representing your business online, whether you post on your website, a blog, social media accounts or YouTube.

Web Video Production and Tips for Maximizing Your Benefits

Web video production can be used to convert your existing articles or sales pages into dynamic video or added to your home page to greet visitors. You can use YouTube marketing or add the video to your blog to highlight a point or introduce yourself to visitors. The possibilities are truly endless! Website Video ProductionIf you decide to use YouTube, remember they have a way to monitor statistics so you can see exactly which regions of the world give you the most traffic and add keywords to help people find you. You can also track statistics if you post your video to your website or blog to see exactly what impact video marketing is having for you. Of course, it’s always a learning process! If your video isn’t getting as many views as you expected, try choosing new keywords or changing the style of your video marketing. This is one of the many reasons it’s best to work with a professional web video production company: we can help you learn how to effectively market your new videos while giving you the quality you expect to represent your business online.