By Yossi Steinman


This week at Zip In Media has been a very educational one, not just for our staff but most certainly for the clients of Palindrome Consulting. So now you are asking yourself how exactly has it been educational for them? How-to videos. In this day and age technology is no longer just a toy, its a tool. Whether it’s looking up the address for a restaurant, typing up an essay for class, or in the case of our most recent Miami video production, setting up a company exchange account; technology is and always will be a necessity. How you learn to use it is the key.

That was the mission for this week. Make several simple-to-learn how-to videos on setting up an Exchange account, accessing an Outlook account anywhere and many other computer and handheld how-to videos. As insignificant as these trivial tasks may sound it is actually a huge load off the shoulders of the CEO of Palindrome Consulting, Mr.Ilan Sredni.

For the longest time his team has had to switch from consultants to teachers and back again. The extra hand holding was weighing down on their resources. Although they are more than happy to assist all their clients in any way possible, it is still a very strenuous and time consuming task. But, thanks to our team at Zip In Media Productions, figuring out how to  set up your company exchange account is no longer a frustrating event for the clients of Palindrome Consulting. Now that education and curriculum is out of the picture, the great team at Palindrome can now focus on other important tasks at hand. Most importantly, their clients have the opportunity to look over the videos as many times as they feel comfortable. And learn it inside and out without any charge.

If you are looking to produce how-to videos; to show your clients how to do the trivial things, reduce customer care calls, and give you more time, then contact us today. We will get you back to doing what you do best. And allowing your clients to learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

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