Meanwhile, from Invodo and the e-tailing group, research that debunks three myths about online video content. They studied how consumers engage with video in a retail context to determine how video is used most effectively. Their overall finding: Forget long and short and concentrate instead on quality.

Myth 1: Shoppers won’t watch a clip longer than :30. Debunked: Invodo’s research shows 37% of study respondents watched clips longer than three minutes and 66% watch content on information-intensive products.

Myth 2: Video is still a ‘nice to have’ but not necessary feature. Debunked: Invodo’s research found 66% of consumers liked product demonstration videos and found them helpful in decision making.

Myth 3: ‘YouTube style’ videos are seen as more authentic. Debunked, again. According to Invodo 54% of respondents prefer ‘professionally produced’ content; 47% said professional content helped them make purchase decisions.