Over 85% of Americans watch online video. More and more people, especially in a younger demographic, are tuning in to internet video rather than network and cable television. Most of what you see on television is available online, along with an explosion of independently produced content. Clearly the audience for online video is substantial and will only continue to grow. The growing audience for online video is only part of what makes this outlet attractive to advertisers. The ability to track and target your message to specific groups is a game changer for the industry. Cable and network TV advertising only allows the broadest of demographic targeting based on the geographic area and type of programming aired during the ad purchase. An online video service, such as YouTube, will allow an advertiser to select not only the geographic area and type of content, but also a wide range of other demographic data. Internet video advertising also allows a higher level of customer engagement. Rather than passively viewing a TV ad, viewers take actions such as clicking a link or selecting an ad that is most relevant to them.