Corporate Video Production

How can you get the most from your marketing dollar? Communication is key when connecting with an audience, and no marketing strategy is complete without a creative and cost-effective video campaign. Whether the goal is to convince a customer to make a purchase online or to communicate a company policy internally, video provides an efficient, always-available solution to present a message. Video Production is more accessible than ever, and the tools for distributing videos online get faster and easier to use every day. Zip In Media provides a complete video production solution for businesses in Miami and all over the world.

Of the top 20 of the 2012 Fortune 500 companies, 18 of them use videos in their internet marketing.

If your company is not using video as part of its overall marketing strategy, then it is missing out on a proven method for reaching the maximum audience with minimum investment. The variety of styles and formats available for online video is huge, and is important to choose a video production company that has experience in the type of video you need to produce. Continue reading to learn Ideas for local Business more about our video production services for business.

Video Production Services

Video and film production companies rely on Zip In Media Productions for all of their Miami video production needs. Our company features professional camera operators, HD shooters, professional Grips, production assistants, assistant camera operators, and more. Let Zip In Media productions outfit you with our quality staff of professionals for your next South Florida video production whether it be for corporate video clients or for private events.

Training Videos

Is your IT department swamped with simple requests? How much does your company spend on training and support? Every hour spent teaching a customer to use a new product is an hour that could be spent improving your service or attracting new customers. Learn more about incorporating video into your training and support services.

Online Video Advertising

Online video provides an unprecedented opportunity for companies to deliver dynamic, up-to-date, and targeted messaging to their customers. Learn more about the benefits of online video marketing.