Behind the scenes of ''Singing with angels

Heart warming is the phrase to describe this week for Zip In Media. This week we shot a a very special music video for the incredibly gifted musician and award winning teacher, Dr.laz.

Dr.Laz is the musical and performing arts director at the Quest Center in Broward, where they cater especially to kids with special needs. Through music and the arts, Dr. Laz is able to reach and connect with these profoundly special people. While doing all that Dr. Laz also has time to write several books and even songs in his own band, Dr. Laz and the Cure. His most recent single “singing with Angels” is about the special kids he teaches. To reach more people with the message of how great these kids are, he decided to make a Music Video production highlighting the song.

The video was shot in his humble abode in Miami. The video production features Dr. Laz, his band, and his current and past students singing and playing instruments. We all had a great time and are looking forward to shooting more creative and heartwarming video such as these. We currently offer a 10% discount to not for profit institutions and educational institutions for all video production or web design in Miami, Broward, and the Palm beaches. Thank you Dr.Laz for giving us the opportunity to be with you on this production and for such a great time! We wish you much success with more musical and artistic projects in the future!

click here for more information on the Quest center and the amazing things they do there.