Miami web and video Philanthropy at Zip In Media Productions

Every once in a while we like to give back to the community. There are a couple of non-profit organizations that we align ourselves with. These organizations do lots of good in our society and for people in general. One organization we helped recently was the Women’s International Zionist Organization.¬†WIZO was founded in Great Britain in 1920. The founders of WIZO, Rebecca Sieff, Dr. Vera Weizmann, Edith Eder, Romana Goodman and Henrietta Irwell, established Wizo to serve the needs of women and children in Israel.
We covered their most recent Mother’s Day event featuring a bazaar an internationally known artist and a fashion show right from Paris. All of this was to raise funds and awareness for the kids and families in Israel that need food and supplies. We were proud to offer our services to their event in order to make it successful. You can find out more about the Florida chapters by clicking on the image above.

Another Group that we support is the Urban Paradise Guild. One of the many things that they are about is that we all live in the city, and we all deserve to live in Paradise. Urban Paradise is our objective. Our Guild of innovative, skilled and hard-working people who have the ability to make it real. The Urban Paradise Guild was founded to bring natural habitat back to the places where we live. Our city was Paradise before it was paved. With enough dedicated effort we can transform it into Urban Paradise, where the human and natural worlds blend more harmoniously.

We have been offering our web and SEO expertise to help make sure they can reach their goals and be able to be at the level of outreach that will be good not only for Floridians but people the world over. To learn more visit


We look forward to providing excellent video and web services to Miami companies organizations and events supporting all sorts of wonderful causes.