The Miami Music Man reality show is a one of a kind Web based reality show about the unscripted life of the Miami Music Man, Pierce Cruise, and his merry band of artists. Reviewed favorably in several major publications including the New Times and the Miami Herald, this reality show aims to bend the rules and perception of Miami artists and their way of life.

Zip In Media Productions was tapped to shoot several days on location in South Beach for the Production. During our several day shoot we encountered lots of wild and crazy situations that you’ll have to watch the full episodes to appreciate. The first episode airs Nov. 29th (My birthday) at It airs weekly and will feature some amazingly talented people.

They were long days – as these shoots tend to be, but we had a fun time doing it. The results will speak for themselves. We ended up shooting on three different cameras for to allow for more options in editing. I hope the editor leaves in the best stuff! We also set up confessional booths and in car rigs to capture some of the action. Challenging and fun, just the way we like it.

As Pierce says it:

In each episode, raw, unpredictable talent blazes.

“You’ll see the every day life of a music artist,” Pierce says, describing the riveting up and downs that make the show so engrossing. “We act on emotion. We go the edge. We have open relationships … we’re not slaves to society. Our life is a fantasy — but we live it! We’re your escape from reality.”

Let us know what you thought of our shots and stay tuned for more!