We went on a couple of shoots for Geo Beats…

Chef Liz Shoot

We had a fun time with Chef Liz. We were talking turkey… literally. We asked her about the best methods of preparing, handling, cooking, serving, and storing turkey. This fell right inline with Thanksgiving coming up. Chef Liz is a personal Chef to the stars and has some high profile clients including professional baseball and football players, CEOs, and other business stars. You can check out her stylings at www.personalchefmiami.com. The shoot was great, and she was fantastic. The tips will be available on Geobeats.

Court Electrical Services AKA Mr. Sparky

We produced a 2nd Geobeats production at the family owned and operated Mr. Sparky. Kevin Court, the owner, and his wife Deena were super nice and really electrically savvy. Their fleet of vehicles were quite impressive and I got the feeling they do great work. We shot early in the morning so the fleet looked great on camera in the “golden hour”. We also did the obligatory CEO up front in focus and fleet w/employees behind out of focus shot. Awesome! We would love to work with them again. Check out their services here on their site.