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Fort Lauderdale is a charming and diverse city in South Florida home to fantastic beaches and a vibrant community of local businesses. According to the US Census, the population of Fort Lauderdale has grown at least 7.9 percent over the last few years, and it’s no surprise! Such a beautiful setting is a perfect place to start or expand a local business.

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  • Retention Campaigns
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Fort Lauderdale Video Production Company

As people continue to consume more and more video, local businesses in Fort Lauderdale and all over Florida are turning to video production companies like Zip in Media Productions to produce custom video content to promote their brand and achieve their business goals. We are South Florida’s #1 Fort Lauderdale Video Production Company.

Video offers attention-grabbing visuals and a personal touch that engage clients and keep them coming back to your business. 83% of the US internet audience watches online video every day, so if you don’t have high quality videos available on your website and social media, you’re missing out on a huge subset of potential clients.

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When producing videos to market your business, you want to work with a video production company that will work one-on-one with you to create polished videos that will help your business get real results. Since 2009, Zip in Media Productions has been helping Florida businesses realize their video production needs and achieve their business goals, including local companies such as the Associated Grocers of South Florida and the Broward Center of Performing Arts as well as international companies like Kaufman Rossin.
If you have never used videos as part of you’re marketing strategy before, getting started may seem daunting, if not impossible. At Zip in Media Productions, we work with you at every step of the process to create the videos that will suit your unique business needs.

We use a comprehensive production and revision process which allows you to review and revise materials throughout the production process, to make sure our videos exceed your standards. As the Best Fort Lauderdale Video  Production Company in south Florida, we know what you need and deliver results. 

Our team of technical and marketing experts not only make high quality videos, but know how to get your videos noticed by the potential clients you want to target. There are many resources online to help make your videos clickable and engaging, including tips provided by Youtube as part of its Creator Academy.

Working with video experts like our team at Zip in Media, makes sure that you are creating the content with proven strategies that take advantage of all the latest technology and research.

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To check out more tips about how video can help your business, check out our blog, where we share our expertise on corporate video and share stories about our recent projects. 

To get started today on creating the videos that will put your Fort Lauderdale business ahead, fill out the form above to get in touch with us. We have helped many businesses engage and build brand awareness with video, and we would love to help your business do the same for the clients that matter the most to you.

Thats why Zip In Media productions is the best option for your Fort Lauderdale video production company.

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Fort Lauderdale Video Marketing Company

Planning, Content Creation, and Measurement

Franchise Video Marketing | Experimac | On-Boarding Video
Franchise Video Marketing | Experimac | On-Boarding Video


Product Videos in Miami | Quantum Storage | Wire Louvred Panels
Product Videos in Miami | Quantum Storage

Wire Louvred Panels

Product Video Marketing In Miami | Quantum Storage | Store More 6
Product Video Marketing In Miami

Quantum Storage | Store More 6

Corporate Videos | Non Profit Video Marketing | Chapman Partnership | Awareness | Website design
Corporate Videos | Non Profit Video Marketing

Chapman Partnership Corporate Video 2017

Testimonial Videos | Non Profit Video Marketing | Chapman Partnership | Conversion | Website Content
Testimonial Videos for Non Profit Video Marketing

Chapman Partnership Volunteer Testimonial

Corporate Video | Medical Marketing Videos | Miami Transplant Institute JHS | Awareness | Website design
Corporate Video | Medical Marketing Videos

Miami Transplant Institute | Jackson Health Systems

Animated Product Video | American Green Technology | C. Diff | Medical Marketing Videos | Awareness Campaign
Animated Product Video

Animated Product Video | American Green Technology

Medical Industry Blog Video | American Green Technology | Consider the Air | Awareness Campaign
Medical Industry Blog Video

Blog Video | American Green Technology

Non Profit Video Marketing | Jewish Community Services of South Florida | Senior Services | Advocacy Campaign
Non Profit Video Marketing

Non Profit Video Marketing | JCS | Senior Services

Medical Marketing Videos
We create marketing videos for all types of medical practices.
Financial Marketing Videos
Creating engaging content for sophisticated message.
Non Profit Video Marketing
Ensuring that non profits can convey there message accurately and successfully.
Tourism Video Marketing
Our team as worked with many local and national branding campaigns

Fort Lauderdale Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing Explained
Target Audience
Who's your target audience? Why are they receiving this message? How are your measuring it? Whats your Goals?
Creating A Video Marketing Plan
TrueView allows you to target multiple demographics, Geo-Targeted Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow. Locations, and redirect them to you're marketing flow.
Manage Your Marketing
We leverage free and paid tools and give you recommendations on the types of reports that would be best for your goals.
Marketing Channels Strategies
Creating a marketing channel strategy, will allow us to help you repurpose our video content by slightly updating the message.
Video Marketing Distribution
After planning its time to send out our message and see how it performs on all channels: Facebook, Youtube, Email, Website...
Create Video Library
Its now time to select the types of videos we will need to make our plan a reality: Corporate video, Testimonials, and more.
Review, Revise, Repeat
Based on the results of the campaigns we will help you review, revise, and repeat the video marketing plan.
Details for Each Topic
Where are your people
  • B2B / B2C
  • Local / National
  • Men / Women
  • Lifestyle / Devices
Create a Plan
  • Overall Objectives
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Key Metrics to measure
  • How are you measure the results now
  • Create segmentations
  • Select Marketing Channels
Management Tools
  • Building Reports
  • CRM (Zoho)
  • Google Products
  • Vimeo
Video Marketing for all
  • Website/ Landing Pages
  • Social Media Video Marketing
  • SEO Video Marketing
  • Vlog Video Marketing
Publishing Your Message
  • Youtube / Adwords / TrueView Ads
  • Facebook Ads / Social Outlets
  • LinkedIn Publications
  • SEO / Websites
  • Local listings / TV Advertising
Types of Videos Create
  • Commercial Video Production
  • Product Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
Reviewing the Campaigns
  • Review the Likes/Shares
  • Review reports
  • Create new ideas based on results
  • Create new plan of action
Why you need video
Video Explanation
Define your clients
Everyone needs a plan
How we leverage Technology
Video Marketing by Channel
Video Marketing Distribution
We Create Your Video Content
Review. Revise. Remarketing

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