After a few weeks of post production, through deaths, births, surgeries, marriages, and divorces, we can finally share our latest documentary “Chasing Gaga” about the infamous Lady Gaga. The show will be airing multiple times on the TV Guide Network. Check your local listings. The air times are:
All times are EST.
Date          Time
02/05/2012    9PM
02/05/2012    12AM
02/06/2012    8PM
02/11/2012    10PM
02/12/2012    4PM
02/12/2012    10PM
02/12/2012    1AM
02/19/2012    6PM

Miami South Florida HD Video Production Specialist

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The enigmatic Mr. Culture recently stopped by our offices to sit down for a portrait. Unfortunately, due to his private nature, he spent the whole session with a cardboard box on his head. Through an elaborate system of handwritten notes and play-dough molds, I was able to create an image that captured the essence of this iconic figure. It took several iterations to refine the look to the client’s exacting standards. Continue reading

Emailogix Logo

We just completed a logo design for Emailogix and are very happy with the results. The client wanted a design that would appeal to a corporate client but still convey a dynamic, creative image. We chose a clean typeface with a nice, techy feel combined with an energetic set of envelopes that jump of the screen.

Normally, it is best to limit the number of colors in a logo because of the cost of printing, but for a predominately web-based company, this is not a big concern. By using a variety of colors for the envelopes, we can emphasize the variety and adaptability of the company’s email management solutions.

We completed this animated video with a voice over in less than two weeks! It features custom illustration and animation combined with stock animation to create a seamless and powerful marketing video. Here’s what the client had to say:

Looks and sounds great. Thanks so much, and you did an incredible job.

Seth A. Hyman
VP Strategic Alliances –

xInnovators Logo

We recently completed a logo for a small business consulting company. They wanted a design that could be extended to different consulting categories, i.e., ‘SEOxINNOVATORS’, ‘MARKETINGxINNOVATORS’, etc. Our design easily incorporates the different categories while maintaining a consistent brand.

seoxInnovators Logo

xInnovators Business Card