Why You Need Custom Video Production

There is value in hiring professionals to create your custom video production. There are endless reasons you may want to do this, from the professional to the personal. The nice thing about Zip In Media is we cater to all of your video production needs.

custom commercial miami
custom commercial Miami
Customer training videos
Customer training videos

What we can do for you:

Corporate Video Production: [Including but not limited to:] training videos, tutorials, workshops, video seminars, company profile & mission videos for corporate events like summits and conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, corporate celebrations, team building retreats, industrial/marketing videos, commercial broadcasts on TV or online, music videos, retail video displays & sales seminars.

Product video Production: let us boost your brand’s visibility and/or expand exposure to your offer with one of our custom video productions. If you’re struck on script ideas, one of our professional writers can work with you storyboarding your concept and creating a captivating script with a strong call-to-action.

Custom video production ft lauderdale
Custom video production Ft. Lauderdale
custom video production miami
custom video production Miami
Custom video productions
Custom video productions
custom commercials
custom commercials

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Why We Are Your Full Custom Video Production Solution

We can share the stats on the growth and predominance of using online video as a marketing tool and in fact we do at many pages of our site. The findings of a 2012 study by comStore concluded that user-generated video or a professionally produced “how-to” type video was twice as effective as the average 30-second TV ad. But get this:

When the user-generated video was depicted alongside the professional video, it was five times as effective as the

TV ad.

Zip In Media is staffed with a professional camera and HD camera crew, professional grips, production assistants, writers, designers and a pre-and-post production team. The way it works is you come to us with your idea and we brainstorm and come up with a storyboard and then a script. You provide creative direction and we bring your idea to life. Once creative development is complete and you greenlight the script, we begin production and then post production. We can even help you with online distribution. Once we have the raw footage complete, our design team edits your film into a cohesive narrative. This is all part of your custom video production package.

We Customize Your Video Production to Your Target Audience

Of course we tailor your production to the audience you are going after. One of our most popular projects right now is the industrial video. Your goal may be any of the following:

  • Marketing campaign: Lets potential clients learn the value of your offer.
  • Corporate: You are the CEO and you want to share your vision with your employees.
  • Fundraising: Gain capital for your favorite charity. You can also use this to capture the attention of venture capitalists with a custom video production.
  • Landmark event: Your extended family of third cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and grandchildren have flown in from far and wide to celebrate this special day. How can you not permanently record this special event, with endless customizations and enhancements to memorialize it forever?

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custom video production company
custom video production company

Whether your making a Company profile video or need a commercial for your business, we can make all your ideas come to life. Zip In Media is the Best Custom Video Production Company in Miami.

Zip In Media | Those Who Do | 305.482.1285 from Zip In Media Video Production on Vimeo.

Zip In Media Productions LLC is one of the most innovative Video Production Companies in Miami. We aim to provide you with the latest technology to support and expand your digital presence. With the advent of online media and advertising, most companies have to take their digital presence to the next level, surpassing the competition.

Educating current and future clients can play a key role in the success of many businesses today. We will show you how to get your brand into the hands of a wider audience, faster than ever before. Of course, when considering your next video production, it is important to remember, not all are created equal.

Zip In Media Productions has earned a reputation for being a top video production Company in Miami, Florida. We have extensive experience creating new and exciting videos to motivate and inspire your customers and clients alike. You can rely on us to build your commercial production from the ground up! This means starting with the basics and discovering exactly what you need and envision for your brand.

Get started by figuring out your overall strategy. Think about what you hope to achieve and define your goals.

To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience?

  • What is my message?

  • What edge does my product or service have over the competition?

  • Which talking points or details should I include & which should I omit?

Based on your responses to these and other questions, we will build you the perfect package so your brand is honored and your vision is accurately captured via script and video production.

The Top 3 Components of A Successful Video Production Company in Miami

Video Quality

Our video quality is unmatched. We maintain the most detailed and up-to-date HD video at all times. Most video production companies rarely upgrade their equipment when more efficient systems and cameras become available. At Zip In Media Productions, we consistently stay ahead of trends in technology to meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace.


We focus on being the most cost efficient Video production company in miami, which makes our pricing easy. Because we are local and we are experts at our trade, this translates to savings for you in reduced post-production time and overall cost.

Turnaround Time

One of the things you need to know when selecting a company is how long it will take them, from  the shooting of footage –to- the final edit –to- delivery of your video. We understand how valuable everyone’s time is, and we aim to wrap up the entire process in less than four weeks, which is our standard production timeline.

How We Stand Out…

Our experience in the field and studio has given us the confidence to put together the right Miami commercial production for you. Building relationships with our clients is critical to our success and as result, customer loyalty is high. We want you to feel welcome to come back and take advantage of our resources, just as our repeat customers have.

Video Production Company Miami Miami Video Production Companies Miami Commercial Production Video Production Companies Commercial Production

Some of our previous projects include:

  • Palindrome Consulting: Video series include: ‘How-to’ set up an Exchange Account, ‘How-to’ access Outlook remotely, & others

  • Energy Saving Solutions: Video on energy savings solutions

  • The Bleacher Report: Web video series: “Know Your Ballpark”

  • Dr. Laz: Music video at the Quest Center in Broward County

We are here to help your business put its best face forward, just as we did for the clients mentioned above. We have a proven track record for being an outstanding video production company in Miami. Need to know more? Call us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your next commercial production!

Here at Zip In Media Productions, we understand you are seeking out Miami video editing services to capture a significant events in your business or life. For years, people have come to us for all manner of important occasion, including:

If there is a landmark event or corporate opportunity you would like to record, we can help. We will guide and assist you in organizing and communicating your ideas through video. Share your vision with us and we will help shape your story into something unique, using your captured footage and photos. We will create a time capsule of your landmark event or special moment with our Miami video editing services, to be cherished for generations to come. But right now you might be thinking … “Sounds great, but I don’t have any video of me or my family or my business?” Don’t worry, we got you covered! We can be there with you at THE EVENT. We will be in attendance, shooting video of all the important moments. This allows you to enjoy yourself and participate. It will be far less stressful and much more festive if you are in front of the camera, rather than behind it.

Video editing services in Miami FL- Up Front Answers to All Your Questions

No project is too large or too small. We welcome the challenge and are equipped to handle them all. We have been in the video solutions business for four years and are confidently able to say we can offer you the best video editing services in Miami FL. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information about video production services and all that goes into each unique project so all your questions are answered before we get started. You will be aware of exactly how much time and energy it will take to deliver a quality production.

Miami Video editing Services – Personalizing Your Vision is Our Goal

In order to ensure that you get exactly what you have in mind for the video record of your important day, we approach each new client with an open mind. We strive to gain as much inspiration from you as we can through thoughtful questions before our project takes flight. We provide quality video editing services and take our time with each individual client, making sure that their unique vision is realized.

video editing services miami Video Editing Serices FL Video Editing Video Editing Miami

 Video Editing Service Rates

Sorting of raw footage: 120% total footage duration. For multi camera shoots the total will include each camera separately. There is a BIG difference between sorting through 20 minutes versus 2 hours of footage. This could be adjusted for projects we actually shoot, as we’ll know which footage to use. Also, if you provide a specific time codes for us we can discount the time here (however most people don’t, which is ok).

Single Scene, limited graphics: 3h per minute*

Examples:Ring By Name Testimonials, Energy Saving Solution Interviews

Video Editing 1

Multiple Scenes, graphic overlays, simple animation, voice over, green screen: 4h per minute*

Examples: FIU fundraiser, LKQ, “how-to” animations

Video Editing 2

Full animation, motion graphics: 5h per minute*

This is just for animating. There is an additional charge for creating or buying static graphics, if you don’t not provide them.

Examples: Toshiba Videos, Soho Studios, Indegogo Campaigns

Video Editing 3

*Important to note that prices may vary depending on each project and all projects are required to pay a $500.00 stock footage fee (This includes Images, video and music)*

Turnaround Time?

As you probably would image it comes down to the amount of footage… well it does, if you have 50 hours of video that we need to sort through than it will be longer than 3 weeks to complete. Also another a very important factor is our current schedule of clients. Most videos are completed within 3 weeks from receiving raw footage.

Video Editing Services MiamiVideo Editing Services Miami FL         Let Zip In Media Productions take your cherished moments to the next level! We will help you the whole way through the process with ideas from concept to Creation. Thats why Zip in Media production is the best video editing service in miami.

Establishing trust with potential customers is important for any business, and a testimonial video production is a great marketing tool. Video testimonials provide a customer-centered view of a product or service that complements a company’s traditional product-centered marketing.

Recall the last time you ordered a product or service online. Did you see a video before making this purchase? More and more, companies rely on video marketing to boost user engagement and increase conversion rates.

Testimonial videos benefit companies who focus on not only business to customer sales but also business to business sales. By viewing a product or service in the field, a business owner can make a better purchasing decision. Since the testimonial comes from another business owner, rather than from the service provider, the level of trust established in the video is much higher than that achieved with other marketing videos.

Producing a testimonial video is easier that you think. When approaching a business for a testimonial, it is important to explain the production as a way to promote both companies. Most business owners are eager to have their companies featured in videos.

Three Easy Questions to get effective customer Testimonials

Video testimonials are an amazing way to showcase your product or service in a that relates directly to your target customer. These three questions will help you get the most from your video. Testimonial Video production Miami – Three easy questions to get effective (Infographic)

  1. Tell us about you and your business.

Give your client the opportunity to talk about themself. This gives them a chance to promote their business in a way that will engage other clients in the same industry. 

  1. How has our product or service helped you?

Ask them about a specific feature of your business and how it affected them. It’s OK to provide some guidance, such as repeating the company name. 

  1. Why would you recommend our company to others?

Asking for the recommendation is the most important part. This provide an emotional hook and clear call to action for prospective clients.

Examples below:

Pritikin – Testimonial 2 – Final from Zip In Media Video Production on Vimeo.


Zip In Media – Chapman Partnership, Nonprofit Testimonial from Zip In Media Video Production on Vimeo.

Contact Zip In Media today to learn more about our professional testimonial videos. Or visit our website.

Corporate Video Production Case Study

We recently produced a set of testimonial videos for Energy Saving Solutions. ESS is a company that specializes in installing and financing LED lighting systems for commercial applications. In one day, we were able to visit four locations and capture the testimonials of several business owners.

We had a tight deadline, and Zip In Media really delivered. They completed the entire project from the shooting to the final edits in less than a week. We used the customer testimonials they produced in our online sales meetings, our website, and our YouTube channel. I would highly recommend Zip In Media for your next corporate video production

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions

It is important when producing a video that you get the most from your investment. We helped integrate the video into ESS’s website, improving their search engine optimization. We also helped implement the video into their online sales presentations, providing a valuable tool for their sales reps to use when approaching new clients.

Dealing with customer reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, a company can’t always control what is said. This is especially true now that video is accessible to anyone. When people search for a company online, a YouTube video may rank higher than a page from the company’s website! One negative video testimonial can have a devastating effect on a company’s online reputation. This is why it is essential for all company to have a video presence online.

It is not as scary, however, as it may seem. User generated video provides many opportunities to engage with customers, and if you truly believe in the merits of your product, your customers will be more likely to share their positive experiences.

We work at Zip In Media to create great videos that promote these positive messages, and would like to share with you (a totally unbiased) testimonial video production of our own.