Over the summer we had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Santa Claus and his elves. If you have ever wondered what those North Polians do during the warm summer months, the answer is making videos for all the boys and girls around the world. They make videos for good kids, for bad kids, and for kids that are working on their behavior. They also make videos for special occasions like kids’ birthdays, complete with cake and balloons. The all knowing Santa even has videos for kids that are sick or for military families. He just looks into his magic snow globe to see how you are doing anywhere in the world. So you better be good for goodness sake. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the videos as they are not available for parents to customize and purchase for all the good boys and girls as of yet. From the people that brought you www.sealedbysanta.com comes a whole new line of video messages from Santa. Be on the look out for more info and how to order your personalized messages from Santa for your kids to enjoy throughout the year.

Here is a preview of what they look like: