A big welcome to Yossi Steinman who is currently a student of Yeshivas Doresh of Aventura. He says that he is glad to have just been elected and selected to join the Zip In Media team. Media and technology is one of his many passions, he is looking forward to learning more about the vast world of multi-media. One of the many things that he is most excited for is the highly effective skill of video editing. Yossi is hoping that after his training at Zip In Media he will be able to go out into the world and not be intimidated by computer technology, but  rather, be able to understand, grasp, and use it to his advantage.

Yossi is also currently working to become an up and coming hip hop artist, commonly known as YU-C. Social media is definitley a major aspect of his career. ”Now a days you can download a simple program on your computer and build yourself up from there”, says Yossi. ”Whether its Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, all media today coincides with most if not all careers that you may choose, that’s why Zip In Media is at the for front of society today”.

YU-C is currently working on brand new material, follow him on twitter. Also, be sure to check out his latest music over at his youtube channel.